Project Management Whack-A-Mole: Who’s Accountable?

Creative projects don’t spontaneously execute themselves. Someone has to guide, cajole, coax, cram and finesse them through a creative team of designers, copywriters, editors, programmers, production artists and print specialists. You get the idea — and it’s in your and your team’s best interests to understand the current state of affairs and determine if changes are in order.

A man holding a block and jumping from one block to anotherIf your designers are taking on the lion’s share of project management and you take that responsibility off their plates without a plan, it could migrate to the editors. If you move it from the editors, then your account managers may end up picking up the slack. Without a plan, your team’s project management tasks can and will pop up on any given day in any of your team’s to-do lists. The problems of this lasaize-faire approach are many. There may be duplication of efforts or worse, no effort at all, as everyone is assuming their colleagues are handling the project management responsibilities. Team members who are not good at project management may be engaged in those activities and they may not be billing for them.

If your workload warrants it and your budgets will allow for the hiring of seasoned project managers, then hire them. If not, at least clearly designate who among your staff should be taking on that role. By doing so, you’ll enhance the effectiveness and morale of your team.

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One thought on “Project Management Whack-A-Mole: Who’s Accountable?

  1. Jessica Stephens

    I couldn’t agree more! Project Managers are often the unsung heroes of agencies, and often aren’t given enough recognition for the vital role they play in keeping agency work running smoothly. Establishing a dedicated Project Management discipline – rather than fragmenting it across Account Managers, Editors, Designers, Finance, etc. – is one of the surest ways I’ve seen that agencies can increase throughput, efficiency, utilizations and realizations.