Predictions: 17 Things Coming in the Design World in 2017

Here, Roberto Blake offers his top predictions for what’s coming in 2017, and HOW offers commentary on each one:

1. An explosion of new typefaces and font foundries.

2016 was a great year for interesting and experimental typefaces like the collaborative Excelsiorama and the Marbles typeface. What will we see in the coming year?


2. Increased awareness and interest in creative fields.

This year we learned that Millennial designers bring their values to their work. What will they bring to the table?

3. Animation and motion graphics will see a surge in demand.

Motion design is a booming area for the design world, with designers like Rosie Garschina developing amazing work for TV networks and other major brands. Discover some of the principles behind motion design, or learn how to create motion designs in After Effects.

4. Stock photography and video will become a more lucrative business for freelance creatives and hobbyists.

Stock video especially is a growing area for creatives, and we’re sure to see more of it and more designers dive into video.

5. More creatives will embrace YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Video.

Designers have been doing amazing things with video sites! Check out 20 of our favorite designers to watch on YouTube here.

6. Creatives will feel torn between Microsoft and Apple products.

Microsoft’s creative offerings, like Microsoft Surface Studio, are spreading like wildfire. Will it overtake Apple as the best manufacturer of hardware or creatives?

7. The market will produce more tools focused on UX/UI Designers.

Read how interaction design educators offer their best methods, tools and tips for designing with users in mind.

8. Creatives will capitalize on Snap’s Geofilters and other products.

We’re especially interested in seeing what happens with Snaps’ new Spectacles—whether they succeed where Google Glass failed.


9. There will be a surge of online education courses focused on creatives.

We love platforms like Lynda and Skillshare, and we’re busy expanding HOW Design University too!

10. Apple will discontinue the MacBook Air product line, which many creatives loved.

The popular line was absent from Apple’s October announcement showing off it’s new Macbook Pro lineup.

11. More people will convince themselves Print is dead.

But we don’t think it is! Just check out all the amazing things over at

12. Hand drawn logos will become a major trend of 2017.

We already saw some awesome logo designs this year that had that lovely handmade aesthetic. Logo designs from scratch are on the rise.


Hard Lunch Logo by Starov Evgeniy and Alexey Dubnichenko

13. Augmented reality billboards and ads will be explored more by major brands.

We anticipate some amazing things in the realm of augmented and virtual reality. Be sure to check out the latest issue of HOW magazine for an awesome feature about the future of AR and VR in design.

14. Cinemagraphs will make a comeback and get a virtual reality upgrade.

We already love cinemagraphs, and we can’t wait to see what designers do with them next. Learn how to make a basic one here.


15. Films will be made that highlight designers the way Facebook did developers.

We’ve already seen a few of these, like the famed Helvetica and these five others, but we expect to see more, especially via Netflix. (Keep an eye out for a series that will include Paula Scher.)

16. Designs that combine 2D and 3D will become more prominent.

We also expect to see more amazing 3D printed design work.


3D printed book cover design by Helen Yentus

17. Flat design will stick around, but it will become more nuanced.

This style is helpful for online work, but with the increasing popularity of monoweight style designs and animated elements will make what we’ve seen more sophisticated.

So there you have it! What do you think will happen in the design world in 2017?