Adobe Originals 25th Anniversary: Celebrating Fonts

Adobe’s relationship with type has grown radically over the years. Since the launch of Adobe Originals and the release of the program’s first two fonts, Adobe Garamond and Utopia, in 1989, designers everywhere have counted on Adobe to surprise them with innovative fonts that will not only help them to refresh their creative processes, but will also stand the test of time. If you’re a fan of Adobe Originals, here’s the latest creative refreshment for you:

Source Serif: A free new font

This week, Adobe CC announced that in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Adobe Originals type program, Adobe’s 100th typeface family, Source Serif, will be available through SourceForge and Typekit.

3-source-serif-700-wide; Adobe Originals

Source Serif

  • A free, open-source family
  • A companion to Source Sans
  • Available in desktop and web fonts from Typekit and SourceForge

1-source-serif-700-wide; Adobe Originals

2-source-serif-700-wide; Adobe Originals

4-source-serif-700-wide; Adobe Originals

5-source-serif-700-wide; Adobe Originals

6-source-serif-700-wide; Adobe Originals

Typekit blog: A new series

Adobe also announced they will launch a new series about Adobe Originals on the Typekit blog later this month.

How do you access and use Source Serif?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a powerful thing. If you’ve been using it since it launched, or even if you started using it just yesterday, you know how quickly it can streamline your workflow, increase your productivity and place a vast array of tools at your fingertips. This may very well have refreshed your entire creative process.

Accessing and using fonts is easier than ever in Adobe CC. All you do is add the fonts you want through Typekit, a membership service that serves quality fonts, and then you can use them immediately on the web and in desktop applications. You’ll need an Adobe ID to do this, of course, whether you have a membership or a free trial.

What do you think? Do you plan to use Source Serif in your work?