“Alchemy of Tea”: A Tea-tastic Poster Design

Nothing spells relaxation quite like relaxing in a comfy chair with a hot drink and a good book, especially when you’re accompanied by a magical trio and a good cup of tea! I’ve often found myself bamboozled by the miracle that is a tiny little tea bag sitting in a wax paper box in my cabinets. How on earth did anyone manage to blend tea leaves, hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, and a hundred different spices and herbs to create the myriad of flavors from my favorite bedtime tea to my spicy Apple Cinnamon fall morning tea? Well, I still may not know the answer to that elusive question, but I’ve found something even better! A poster that finally teaches you how to make all your favorite coffee house tea recipes! Chai tea anyone?


The good folks over at SweeTooth Design Company, the creators of the Genesis of Cookies, have created a magical poster that curates all the different potions you can make with your favorite tea leaves. From my favorite sweet treat, a delicious bubble tea, to a spicy-sweet Karak Chai tea this Alchemy of Tea poster will have you reaching for your tea pot and relaxing with the comforts of a great drink and a teenage trio of wizards who get into some crazy adventures with a really bad dude who just doesn’t know when to quit! (Have I mentioned I’m a huge Harry Potter buff?)


With 15 different tea recipes this new poster will have you whipping up your own delicious brews in no time at all and becoming your own tea alchemist, exploring the relaxing world of tea. So when things start looking…


“The Grim” from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (c) 2004 Warner Bros. Studios

…grim. Retreat into relaxation with this awesome new poster, raise a cuppa, and dive into a good book! And fear not intrepid tea drinkers you can also satisfy your SweeTooth at the same time with a delicious cookie!