9 App Designs from Seattle Design Firms

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Generic_Competition_Logos_International_300x220As a former resident of Washington state now living back in the Midwest, I rave about Seattle an average of three times a week. (Seriously, ask any of my annoyed relatives.) So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see this beauty of a subject line in my inbox: Seattle is more than just rainy, it’s hot!

The contents of this email contained even more fantastic points that made me smile: Seattle’s digital creative culture is exploding, attracting both young professionals starting their careers and Fortune 500 companies looking for talented designers and firms to take on projects. Not to mention that Forbes Magazine just this year identified Seattle as being poised be the next Silicon Valley tech.

In celebration of the Emerald City’s thriving creative class, let’s take a look at nine app designs by Seattle design firms ArtefactFell SwoopPOPSmashing IdeasWINTR,  FiftyThree, Push Design, 47 Degrees, and Blue Label.


1. PIRCH Retail App by Artefact


As stated on Artefact’s website: “PIRCH is an award-winning kitchen and bath retailer, whose mission is to reinvent the shopping experience for those who are building or remodeling their homes, as well as those who serve in trades related to those endeavors.” Artefact was tasked with envisioning, designing, developing and delivering PIRCH Advisor, an innovative retail app that helps Lifestyle Experience Advisors collaborate with customers. Learn more here.


2. Ritani App by Fell Swoop


Ritani’s in-store engagement ring app dynamically displays detailed information about each made-to-order diamond ring that shoppers considered during their visit.


An engagement ring is a high-stakes purchase. Ritani gives buyers the sense of confidence and trust they need to buy one online by offering a free in-store preview of up to three made-to-order diamond rings. Making the sale once the customer is in the store requires a special touch, so Ritani used Fell Swoop’s expertise to build a premium in-store experience incorporating RFID sensors that communicates a superior sense of quality and service to buyers, and gives the salesperson on the floor the tools they need to close the deal.


3. Sounders FC App by POP


According to POP: “To shape the mobile app strategy for Sounders FC, POP conducted surveys, engaged fans on the Sounders FC Facebook page, reviewed hundreds of comments, examined fan-generated Flickr photos and invited supporters to participate in focus groups with our creative and strategy teams. We learned that fans craved a way to connect with the team and to access club information anywhere, at any time and on any mobile platform.” Learn more here.


4. David Wiesner Spot App by Smashing Ideas


According to the firm, over the course of 12 months the creative team worked hand-in-hand with Harcourt Mifflin Harcourt and David Wiesner to bring to life his vision for an “epic world-within-a-world fantasy adventure that takes the user through a series of unique worlds.” Learn more here.




5. Russell Investments Interactive Experience by WINTR


“We recently created an interactive experience for a financial services client, Russell Investments, inviting clients and prospects to play out the familiar issues faced when making big financial decisions. The outcome delivers targeted insights about the user as well as curated information and content about Russell,” writes Taylor Kieburtz, strategy director at WINTR. Learn more here.




6. Paper app for iPhone & iPad from FiftyThree


Product description: Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you. Learn more here.



7. American Heart Association App Design by Push Design


“The American Heart Association has an online application that allows people to enter and track their blood pressure, glucose, weight, cholesterol, and medications,” according to Push Design’s website. “Push was hired to create a more intuitive user experience. … Results: The American Heart Association saw an increase of 30% in patients who consistently took their medication when they used this app.” Learn more here.


8. 9 Cards Home Launcher App by 47 Degrees


As stated by 47 Degrees: “9 Cards Home Launcher is a revolutionary Launcher concept for Android Power Users to categorize & organize all your applications in smarts collections.” Learn more here.

9. FRND Mobile App by Blue Label


From Blue Label’s website: “FRND is a mobile application that allows users of all ages to access a nurse on demand who can attend to various health care concerns, from first aid to prescriptions to hangover cures.” Learn more here.


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  1. ydesigns

    We’re Seattle based too! We didn’t build a phone app, but we built a web app recently.
    It’s called “Seattleite Guide”. A local’s guide to Seattle without all the advertisements or the super tourist traps.

    Check it out here: Seattleite Guide