30 Awesome Logos from One Man’s Studio

Who doesn’t want awesome logos in front of their eyes all day every day? Nobody, that’s who. And Boston’s One Man’s Studio has just what you’re looking for when it comes to great logo design examples. After all, the studio’s logo design for Choose Love won the 2012 HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards. Take note of what Judge Sunny Bonnell, co-founder and creative director at Motto, had to say about the winning logo:

“It’s as if the stars aligned for this mark. The solution is a perfect fit for the name. It is recognizable, strong, smart, and versatile. It embodies every fundamental rule of what makes a great logo.”

I talked with Keith Kitz of One Man’s Studio to find out what else he has up his sleeve.

Awesome logos; Keith Kitz; One Man Studio

One Man’s Studio says, “Developed for a series of self-enrichment events titled Choose Love, the logotype was created to be instantly recognizable, as well as inspirational. The Choose Love experience combines a variety of creative exploration sessions, guided meditation, and yoga to help participants gain personal insight. The visual campaign included the development of the Choose Love logo, promotional posters, and event branded buttons distributed to participants.”

How has your career grown in the past couple of years? I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth since the 2012 competition. Last spring, I completed my MFA in graphic design and in the fall began teaching. I’ve also begun writing—penning the introductions for multiple titles for a publisher in China. The workload for my practice has been steadily growing especially with new inquiries from international clients, which is very exciting. Alchemy_Apothecarium Alchemy In addition to new clients, I’ve been honored with several opportunities to collaborate with mentors and friends. I’ve spent the past several months helping to launch Alchemy, an independently owned gift shop helmed by Ricky Moores, whom I’ve known for close to 20 years. We’ve worked together on a few smaller projects over the years, but this was by far the largest project in the history of our partnership.

This considerable collaboration included every element of the business from naming the store, branding and visual language, and product selection. It’s been a truly holistic design experience and continues to be both creatively challenging and rewarding. I’m also currently engaged in renovating my website—a complete rebuild—with plenty of original, new material to be added soon.

My favorite logos are the ones that have a positive effect; ones that make a difference.” Keith Kitz 

Awesome logos; Keith Kitz; One Man Studio Awesome logos; Keith Kitz; One Man Studio Awesome logos; Keith Kitz; One Man Studio Awesome logos; Keith Kitz; One Man Studio Awesome logos; Keith Kitz; One Man Studio Has your perspective on logo design changed at all since you entered the competition in 2012? If so, how? My work continues to evolve, which is an affirming result of the advanced degree work I’ve done since 2012. Revisiting the history of graphic design, devoting countless hours to research, attending lectures, working through solutions to coursework, and being exposed to different thinking and perspectives—all have greatly influenced not only the way I feel about my own work, but also the way I feel about the field of design in general.

In terms of logo design, I now look at a logo as a building block of an overall visual language system—it’s the cornerstone, but the supporting pieces are equally important to the overarching message as well. My identities are becoming more flexible, often having secondary and tertiary supplemental marks. I’m also quite interested in motion and what happens when a logo literally comes to life. As a matter of fact, one of my current goals is to work with a dance company, theater group or other performing arts organization, where I can really direct some of my new thoughts on logos in motion. MIT_Club_of_Boston TerraLuccent On_Sincerity Queer_Love_Connection Story_Me What is your favorite logo you’ve designed to date? My response to this question is usually the same: my favorite project is the one I’m currently working on. When I look at the body of work I’ve completed since beginning my own practice in March of 2009, I’m reminded of all of the stories that come with each mark. The early conversations, the late nights of sketching and the break-through moments—there’s a tremendous amount of responsibility that goes into crafting an identity.

Clients entrust me with creating an icon that represents them, which is often their introduction the world as well. Working with so many start-ups has made me realize that the investment that these clients are making comes with greater risks than established businesses. They’re giving everything they’ve got to achieve their dream, and I have to do the same in return.


Kitz’s logo design for Beautiful You MRKH Foundation.

My favorite logos are the ones that have a positive effect; ones that make a difference. The mark I created for Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, a supportive community for women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, has been so embraced by its members, several have opted to have it tattooed on their body. Each time I am sent a photo, it’s simultaneously gratifying and tremendously humbling to think that a logo could become this meaningful to its usersit’s a lot to take in.

“I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth since the 2012 [Logo] Competition.” Keith Kitz 

Fairfield_Warriors Kevin_Rohan_Memorial_Eco_Foundation KCQ INNERVATION Hue_Amour Will you be entering this year’s Logo Design Awards? Yes, I do believe so. I have a couple of pieces that I am strongly considering.

Why do you think entering the Logo Competition is a good idea for designers? I’m often conflicted when it comes to competitions, as I am not a naturally competitive individual. Recognition is wonderful.  We all want to make things that people see and admire. This particular competition offers great exposure and the caliber of work entered each year is excellent.

I’m still tremendously proud and honored to have been among the group of winners in 2012. My fellow finalists produced amazing work that year, and I am certain there was equally amazing work that did not make it to the final rounds. Our field requires equal amounts of tremendous hard work and luck.

I tell students all the time to put themselves out there, and know that you’re not going to connect (win) every time. This doesn’t mean that you’re not talented or that you’re a horrible designer or person—it just means that it wasn’t your time. Savor the opportunity and in the case of annual competitions such as this—try again!

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