12 Best Business Cards


A couple of weeks ago, we brought you 14 of the best business cards we could find, knowing we had only to reach out to designers and firms at the top of their game to get our hands on their business cards. Now, we’re bringing you some of the best business cards created for clients, and if this isn’t enough eye candy for you, be sure to check out these cool business card designs next.

1. SPARK—Beyond Utility

best business cards; SPARK best business cards; SPARK Designer: Jessica Guy
Art Director: Rachel Damond
Copywriters: Hunter Savage, Chelsea Stonerock
Creative Director: Elliott Bedinghaus
Material: Various colors and weights of Neenah paper, orange rubber bands
Production: Offset 2/2 for each card, custom die-cut shape
Printer: C&D Printing, St. Petersburg
Client: Epicurean Hotel including the following on-property outlets: Bern’s Fine Wine & Spirits, Elevage Restaurant, Evangeline Spa, Edge Social Drinkery, Chocolate Pi Patisserie

According to SPARK: “The Epicurean is a boutique hotel with a culinary-inspired and intimate experience. Our values of Curated, Iconic, Social and Enriching influenced each element in different ways. Ultimately we were driven by a desire to create materials that elevated the overall experience of the guest stay— things that went beyond utility to create conversations and connections. The beautiful finishes and textures complimented the meticulously hand-crafted touches within the hotel, new approaches to familiar items brought delight, and the rubber bands quite literally brought everything together.


“The project was bigger than the hotel; it included 6 other entities within the property—a restaurant, patisserie, wine shop, cooking classroom, rooftop bar and spa. Our biggest challenge was to create brand materials that were unified, but with enough room for each outlet to have their own personality. With a focus on a cohesive customer experience, we collaborated with all the partners to create materials that accomplished everyone’s goals. Everyone shared a flexible suite of typography but got their own identity and custom pattern. By limiting the color palettes of each to two primary colors, we could create a palette with complimenting personalities.”

2. Braley Design—Conversation Starter

best business cards; Braley Design best business cards; Braley Design

Designer: Michael Braley, Braley Design
Material: Mohawk Superfine, Bright White, 130# Cover
Production: Letterpress
Printer: Hitchcock Press
Client: Greg Miller Photography

“Clarity, simplicity and impact,” says Michael Braley of Braley Design when asked what makes a good business card. “And a design that starts a conversation. People often ask Greg [of Greg Miller Photography], ‘Why is your name upside down?’And his reply is, ‘Because this is how I see the world through my large format, 8×10 camera.’”

3. Whiskey Design—Branding Brilliance

best business cards; Whiskey Design best business cards; Whiskey Design

Creative Director: Matt Wegerer
Designers: Matt Wegerer & Ai Carver
Material: 60 pt blotter paper. 4/4. Custom Die.
Production: Letterpress
Printer: Vahalla Studios
Client: Fresh Air Farm

“If an industrial, urban party is what you’re after, Fresh Air Farm probably isn’t your gig,” says Matt Wegerer, creative director at Whiskey Design. “The owner cares more about fresh country air, a relaxed environment and drinking wine from mason jars.

“To reflect the light, carefree feeling of the events they host, the branding features a barn floating lazily through the clouds. As far as production of the the cards, they’re printed on 40 pt. plotter paper. This gave us the ability really push the depth of the embossing. We finished off the design by having the top of the card die-cut with clouds. We wanted to create the illusion that the card really did belong on cloud 9.”

best business cards; Whiskey Design best business cards; Whiskey Design

Designer: Matt Wegerer
Photographer: Austin Walsh
Material: 60 pt blotter paper. 3/3.
Production: Letterpress for the cards and offset for the envelope
Printers: Vahalla Studios & Soli Printing
Client: Project BlackBird

“Project BlackBird is a motion graphics/direction company that is dedicated to crafting the perfect motion strategy for their clients,” says Wegerer. “They start every project afresh so they can ensure the work is totally custom and built for the client’s eyes only. Most companies seek out fame, but Project BlackBird prefers to stay in the shadows and let the work speak for itself.

“To stay consistent with their secrecy, each piece of the branding has information hidden—the next piece reveals more of the story. The business cards are sealed in their own custom security envelope. Once you open the envelope, you will see the card design in inspired by vintage government stationary. There is sensitive information contained, so some info has been redacted. But fear not, the info is still printed underneath. We used a slightly thinner black for the overprint so the copy still can be read in the right kind of light.”

4. Design Ranch—Design in the Details

best business cards; Design Ranch best business cards; Design Ranch Design Firm: Design Ranch
Client: Carthage Stoneworks

According to Design Ranch: “Carthage Marble, a family stone fabrication company, was looking to break the mold. Design Ranch helped them bring their company out of the stone ages and into, well … a new age as Carthage Stoneworks. Since materials are important, we made special use of print processes to show Carthage’s craftsmanship. A modern spin on tradition is exactly what this company needed to stand out from its stodgy competition.

“It represents what Carthage Stoneworks is all about: tradition and innovation. The design is modern, with a nod to the tradition of printmaking. Various materials and the textile nature were very important in the design of the card, as well as in Carthage’s stone fabrication.”

best business cards; Design Ranch best business cards; Design Ranch Design Firm: Design Ranch
Client: Finkle Williams Architecture

According to Design Ranch: “Finkle Williams is a friendly, hardworking group of expert architects. They needed a brand that felt established and approachable to reflect their company culture. We branded the group with a can’t-miss-it-if-you-try pop of color and a name-you-won’t-forget library of language. The emboss reminds the holder of the firm’s attention to detail. “Finkle Williams Architecture knows that design is in the details. This business card works because it represents a beautiful simplicity.”

best business cards; Design Ranch Design Firm: Design Ranch
Client: Custom Color

According to Design Ranch: “Custom Color Corp is inking big. As a large format digital printer, they take pride in taking every project to the extreme. Whether it’s stadiums or bus wraps, if you can think it, they can ink it. Design Ranch took the hint and designed a bold new brand inspired by the process of printing—ink! The business cards were no exception. “Custom Color is all about making a big statement. Even though business cards are a fairly traditional form of marketing yourself, these crazy patterns are sure to stand out in a Rollodex.”

best business cards; Design Ranch best business cards; Design Ranch Design Firm: Design Ranch
Client: Estudio Real

According to Design Ranch: “Bouncing between Austin and Real de Catorce Mexico, the designer creates a collection of jewelry and arte moderno. She finds natural materials from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range (wood, bone, stone, etc.) and makes them into stunning pieces of wearable art. Our collateral became a work of art when we letterpressed the whole shebang. “The shape, weight, design and process make this a great business card. Designed for a jewelry artist, the card is a piece of art in itself.”

best business cards; Design Ranch Design Firm: Design Ranch
Client: Nufangle Antiques

According to Design Ranch: “Nufangle is a gallery of fine antiques and whimsy. Inspired by the owner’s Southern charm and talent for tantalizing vignettes, Design Ranch composed a creatively curious brand voice and directed a gallery-like photoshoot highlighting the one-of-a-kind qualities of each thingamajig in the shop. Amidst a smattering of letterpress details, custom die-cuts and trims, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. The card was meant to be a treasure, like everything else in the shop.”

best business cards; Design Ranch Design Firm: Design Ranch
Client: Truman Library Institute

According to Design Ranch: “Lose the powdered wigs and stodgy old photos folks, because we’ve designed a brand any president would be proud of. Design Ranch has completely revamped the look for the Truman Library Institute. We boldly went where no design firm has gone before, to redesign the logo, and update the presidential library seal.

“The buck may have stopped there, but we didn’t! Any history buff can attest that some of the most famous presidential quotes are those of Truman. Inspired by the 33rd President’s words, we designed a bold, modern set of collateral for his library namesake. … By incorporating a different quote onto each person’s card, it sparks a conversation and engages people with the former president’s words.”

5. Alex Griffin—Printed Relics

best business cards; Alex Griffin

Designer: Alex Griffin
Material: Colorplan plan imperial 270gsm & pale gray 270gsm—duplex to 540gsm—from G F Smith paper company
Printing: 2 colors to face (imperial blue) Pantone 8002 & 877 Foiling: Foil Copper 347 from a company called Kurz—we also hit with pressure to form a deboss
Client: Grace Blue

“A business card is one of the few remaining printed relics that even the most technically savvy folk still admit to having and collecting,” says Alex Griffin, designer of Grace Blue’s business cards. “Rather than overcomplicating, it should do few things extremely well and employ subtle touches of elegance. Like a product, attention needs to be made not only to the visual appeal but also to the tactile response the holder receives. From the paper selection, printing method and precise typography there is a certain theatre to how the dual sides can also complement each other; consider the card turn as a moment to excite. It should be treated a polite hello, a conversation starter and ultimately a keepsake of human interaction.”

6. Rule29—Digital Mimicry

best business cards; Rule29 Designers: Justin Ahrens & Tim Damitz
Material: Neenah Classic crest Solar White #120 cover duplexed together
Production: 2/2 with die-cut and foil stamp
Printer: O’Neil Printing
Client: Floodlight

“For a primarily digital firm, we questioned the need of having a card,” Rule29 says. “So we went the opposite, we created a very thick, memorable card that had limited information and mimicked the structure of the site. To do this we studied how to put the paper together and use print effects to create a memorable feel.”


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