Chat with HOW Design Live Speakers Online

My first HOW Design Live experience was nothing short of awesome. #HOWLive is definitely a conference that will inspire you and get you ready to tackle your next design project. From in-house issues to branding to content strategy, the sessions I attended dived into topics important to you and provided real world advice to take home. We know that not every one is as lucky and often cannot fit the event into their hectic schedule, so we’ve brought the conference to you with HOW Design Live Online.

500_HDLOnline We’ve hand picked 24 of the best sessions from HOW Design Live, which you can access for a flat fee that’s a fraction of the cost of the event. This two week event runs from June 9-22. The best part: You’ll have the chance to live chat with some of the top speakers in real time.

For example, on Tuesday, June 10 at 2 pm you can chat with branding experts Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach. Their session on “Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding (and How to Fix Them)” compiles their years of experience in the field, providing take-aways to help you better position yourself as a branding expert.


Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach

Or you can ask Andy Epstein, in-house guru who is the co-founder of InSource who is currently heading up a team of more than 60 people at The BOSS Group at Merck. He’ll be available to answers questions and provide even more of his insights on Friday, June 13 at 1 pm. His session, “Adaptive Creative Workforce Paradigm: FTEs, ICs, ROWE and ROI” is a must-see for any in-house manager, especially those who work with freelancers.

And if content strategy is up your alley, you won’t want to miss the chance to ask writer/strategist and, well, wordsmith Sara Wachter-Boettcher about her approach to discussing content with clients. She’ll be chatting online on Monday, June 16 at 2 pm. If you can’t make it to her chat session, you’ll want to see her session that covers everything from how to talk about content to how to deal with it online to how to create design solutions across devices and contexts.


These are just a few of the expert speakers who will be available to field questions and hand out even more of their sought-after advice. View the entire chat schedule and find out more about HOW Design Live Online, so you can experience or relive the event without leaving home.