Client Promotions That Wow

isn’t always about “ME! ME! ME!” In fact, designers are often tasked with figuring out how to help their clients (or employers) put their best feet forward. In an effort to bring you some solid examples of this very important aspect of self-promotion, we reached out to three winners in the Client Promotions category of HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.

Read on for details on these winning projects, including what sort of client praise the creatives behind these winning projects received, and why the teams entered these projects into the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards in the first place. And if you go on to create a promotion design that wows for your client, we’d love to see it in the 2016 competition.



NBCUniversal Curve Reports by Archrival

client_promotions_nbcu_books_HIRES_01Produced by NBCUniversal’s Content Innovation Agency, The Curve Report was initiated to add a broader cultural perspective to the thought-leadership work within NBCUniversal. Created semiannually, the publication is a curated synthesis of social shifts, industry trends, and quantitative and qualitative research; it tells a story of what’s influencing consumers today, what’s shaping culture, and the actionable insights and opportunities for brands and marketers.

NBCUniversal asked Archrival to bring the Content Innovation Agency and its insights to life. “The main challenge was that we were asked to take a considerable amount of data, statistics and copy, and convert all that heavy information into a premium art-book style report,” says Joel Kreutzer, Archrival’s head of design and judge of the 2015 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards. “Generally speaking, that much data and information is difficult to digest and can be off-putting for any reader, so our goal was to design the information in a way that made the research easy to consume and enjoyable to read while also making a beautiful end product.”

“Anything put out by HOW carries with it a level of excellence that is
widely appreciated by lots of different types of creatives.”
—Clint! Runge, managing creative director of Archrival

Reflecting on the praise and recognition Archrival received for this project, Clint! Runge says, “Any time your work is acknowledged by others, there’s a reflection on all the hard work that was put in to make it happen. From the organization’s leaders, to the client contact to the individual creatives to the entire studio—a job well done is appreciated by all. It’s one ingredient in creative fuel that powers us to make the next project just as great.”

The HOW team was proud to honor Archrival with an Outstanding award in the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, and we’re thrilled with Archrival’s reasons for entering. “It’s good for the creative vibe,” Runge says. “While it’s a ‘competition’ it’s also a ‘celebration’ for all creatives, and we enjoy being a part of that community.”

Runge encourages others to enter design competitions, as well. “Put your work out there! While there is always some ‘gray area’ as to what wins or what misses, it’s a confidence-builder for your creative team to see the work published in print and online.”




PROJECT TITLE NBCUniversal Curve Reports | DESIGN FIRM Archrival, Lincoln, NE | CREATIVE TEAM Joel Kreutzer, art director/designer; Zach Ubbelohde, designer; Carey Goddard, illustrator; Sarah Yost, account manager | CLIENT NBCUniversal




Monsanto America’s Farmers Advertising Campaign by Paradowski

The talented team at Paradowski is quick to note that they are ultimately storytellers, and according to Andy Wise, vice president design and interactive, Sue Dillon, public relations director, Annie Kayser, account supervisor, and Brad Hauck, vice president creative strategy, that’s what made this client promotions project for Monsanto so special.

“Writing stories and seeing them come to life in a different, more effective way was gratifying,” the Paradowski team says. “We also learned a lot from the content we developed. For example, we developed unique panoramic tours of family farms where visitors could intimately experience farm life. It’s fun to be able to translate our own experience of being on the farm into something that people could experience for themselves and share.”

The firm points out that this was not an easy undertaking, primarily because today’s consumers are “more separated from how their food is grown today than they were a few generations ago. In order for them to relate to and trust the farmers who grow their food, they need to understand why farmers do what they do. As a result, we had to show consumers that the values we all associated with farmers and agriculture years ago, like integrity, dedication and quality, still drive farmers today. While farming technologies may have improved over the years, today’s farmers are still focused on providing the best they can for all families—including their own.”

“We love to see how other people have solved unique communications challenges through their design. It spurs our own creativity
and pushes us to do our best work every time.”
—Paradowski, on HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards

The firm notes that Monsanto loved the look Paradowski came up with and continues to build onto the website. “It’s essentially become the new website standard for user experience, content and design. Other divisions within Monsanto also have expressed a desire to have their creative utilize the look and feel of and the America’s Farmers brand.

The judges of HOW’s Promotion and Marketing Design Awards certainly had a wonderful time experiencing the new America’s Farmers website, and those of us at HOW can’t wait to see the work that Paradowski has already entered into this year’s competition. “We’re looking forward to seeing who wins this year and learning more about their projects,” the creatives say.

“Paradowski is a full-service advertising and promotions agency that emphasizes developing intelligent design—no matter the challenge, channel or medium. We’re proud of the work we have done with, and on behalf of, our clients, so we wanted to see how we compare with other phenomenal designs and designers who excel in their field. Entering HOW Magazine’s design contest, which is the longest running design contest, seemed like a natural fit.”



PROJECT TITLE Monsanto America’s Farmers Advertising Campaign | DESIGN FIRM Paradowski, St. Louis | CREATIVE TEAM Brad Hauck, executive creative director; Andy Wise, interactive creative director; Lynn Ullman, design director; Christian Fricke, Tony McAley, David Rygiol, art directors; Carrie Edmiston, designer; Ben Noble, copywriter; Tyson Foersterling, Steve John, associate creative directors; Chelsea Price, interactive designer; Melissa Galazka, account director; Annie Kayser, account manager; Debbie Kipp, senior production manager | CLIENT Monsanto




Independent Burger & Bar by EME Design Studio

Joel Martinez, a creative at EME Design Studio, says that the studio’s favorite part of every project is watching the brand come alive and seeing how the different pieces of each project are used and appreciated by others. Take one look at the images of their branding for Independent Burger & Bar, and you’ll see that this winning project is no exception.

The all-natural Independent Burger & Bar is the first of its kind in the city of El Paso, so the firm’s primary challenge was effectively establishing the brand in the region. Clearly, they succeeded, so much so that they were honored in HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.

You can’t really pass on the opportunity to be featured next to the top work in the nation and the world. —EME Design Studio

Martinez states that the recognition is “always a great motivator; it helps us realize we’re in the right path. This also inspires you to become better because it is not only a local organization giving you recognition, it is a top national publication.

“We’ve always followed HOW’s competitions, and the creative work featured is definitely a big inspiration, so we wanted to be part of that inspiration for others.”

Those of us at HOW can’t wait to see EME Design Studio’s work in this year’s competition.




PROJECT TITLE Independent Burger & Bar | DESIGN FIRM EME Design Studio, El Paso, TX | CREATIVE TEAM Iris Morales, Joel Martinez, art directors/designers; Carlos Flores, photographer | CLIENT Independent Burger & Bar



We hope these stellar client promotions have inspired YOU to take the leap and enter your strongest project in this year’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards—the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work.

Whether it’s a self-promo to showcase a design firm’s capabilities, a project that touts a client’s goods, an announcement for a major life event, or a student designer’s résumé or design portfolio, if it’s your finest promotional design work, we can’t wait to see it!