Cool Posters from PatentPrints

There are some seriously cool posters on Etsy these days. PatentPrints recently caught our eye for their unique subject matter and stunning execution—and their clear ability to give you some inspiration and a few poster design ideas of your own. (Be sure to enter the HOW Poster Design Awards!)

“PatentPrints was born out of some personal interest in schematics, blueprints and patent drawings,” says Cole Borders, operations manager of BordersGroup. “I was watching Duck Dynasty and saw the patent for Phil Roberston’s duck call. I thought, how cool. The patent he filed was in some ways the birth of that company, and that is the case with many patents. It’s interesting to think that is how it begins for so many.”


PatentPrints aims to offer posters for everyone, no matter your personal interests. Their patents cover sports, cars, household items, toys, guns and more.

“Licensing is always a sticky issue. You have to do your research on every patent before you can offer the artwork for sale. And sometimes you’re not always able to get the answers you’re looking for,” Cole says. Cole’s personal favorite among the many posters is the camera patent because it’s aesthetically pleasing on every color option they offer.

“The response has been overwhelming. Everyone seems to enjoy looking at these patents because of the time [and] effort that went into drawing them. Almost all of the patents we offer were hand-drawn,” Cole says.

And they’re constantly adding more. They have 300 new patents ready to launch, some of which are new genres—and they’re excited to release T-shirts this month as well. Keep your eye on their Etsy shop for stretched canvas in time for the holidays, too.

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