Creative Workspaces: Bulldog’s New Digs

When growing your business, the decision to move from your company from your small studio apartment to an actual building can be scary, but once you’ve made the jump into a corporate space, the real fun begins. Now you get to craft your own creative workspace that’s as much a part of you as it is your business. Expel the cubicle walls and institutional white washes; add fur, flames, art work and splash color on the walls — your business space is your oyster and should reflect what makes your company stand out among the rest.

Recently Bulldog, a branding design firm based out of Malta, undertook such a jump and set about stamping their new location with their own unique mark. With the help of their canine companions, a 10-year-old beagle and a 3-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, the designers set forth on their quest using crisp lines, bold graphic prints, wooden feature walls, and more to make their new home every bit as unique as the designers who work in the space.


Interior signage


A look inside Bulldog’s boardroom


This wooden wall acts as a focal point in the space


A meeting room

Whether you’re working inside, meeting with a client in the dining room turned boardroom, or just lounging on the terrace catching up on the latest issue of HOW Magazine, Bulldog’s new digs invite your creative side to come out to play. Just ask these two adorable pups their thoughts on their new home.



A photo of one of the studios


Dogs are welcome, especially since they’re the firm’s namesake


Another look at the boardroom, showing the bulldog logo in the window


The outside terrace

Check out Bulldog’s blog for the rest of their great workspace!



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