Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from Around the Web

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In this edition of Design Finds, we dug up some fascinating work and insights, including an interesting data visualization, a camera that prints gifs, the history of a ubiquitous meme, and more. Dig in to see what’s happening in design news this week.

1. A camera that prints gifs. Seriously.

Redditor Abhishek Singh created a DIY Polaroid camera that “prints” GIFs. Honestly, we’re still wrapping our heads around this one, but he posted the DIY instructions here so that those of your with tech chops can make your own.

2. How common is your birthday?

Unsettling though it may be to eye your conception date, this data visualization is fascinating and interesting to play with. Who knew how common September birthdays are? Check out the interactive version here.

3. How “This Is Fine” Began to Appear Everywhere

Artist KC Green is the creator of the “This Is Fine” meme—an image showing two panels from a larger (and somewhat more disturbing) comic that seems to appear everywhere. He discusses how the 2012 comic became the meme, how it originated and the meme’s impact on popular culture and his own life. Read about it at

"this is fine" dog meme

4. A startling ad campaign about teen pregnancy

The Finnish agency hasan & partners collaborated with fashion designer Paola Suhonen to create this poignant and telling “Maternity Wear for a 12-Year-Old” campaign to raise awareness of the problem of childhood pregnancy in developing countries and drive donations to children’s rights organization Plan International. The campaign has been called “unnatural and disturbing,” which is pretty much the point. Read more about it at AdWeek.


5. Visualizing Animal Migration Routes

This fascinating and beautiful animation, created by Matthias Berger for Movebank  shows animal movements across the globe based on GPS and Argos Doppler tracking data. Read about the project at The Verge.