Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to Design Finds, HOW’s selection of design news and interesting creative discoveries we found this week. This week we’ll start of heavy with an extremely relevant data visualization, then wind down with lighter design news about Facebook, illustration and ASMR.

1. Visualizing Nuclear War

With world leaders threatening one another with nuclear annihilation, this project by Neil Halloran shows what the real, grave consequences of nuclear war could look like. 

2. Reverent Illustrations

Illustrator John Hendrix doodles during church services, and the results are simply stunning. Read more of his story and see more of the series at Doodlers Anonymous.

3. Music in Virtual Reality

A new music video from LCD Soundsystem allows you to experience the band’s music like never before. With the help of Google, the band created a virtual reality experience called “Dance Tonite.” Check out the video below and learn more at Mashable.

4. Living Shadows

This public shadow art project by Damon Belanger for the City of Redwood City has gone viral lately—and it recently earned a win in the HOW International Design Awards.

“Know the environment where you will be creating the installation and use it to your advantage,” Balenger advises. “In addition to focusing on the immediate space near your project, take into account the surrounding area. It’s easy to create something that works on paper that might not be appropriate for the location.”

See more award-winning signage and environmental graphics and enter this year’s International Design Awards.

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5. Elaborate Beer Packaging

We’ve admired the beer and liquor packaging work of Hired Guns Creative before, so we were thrilled to see that Craig Gunderson at Thirsty Bastards recognized their enthralling work as well. Read an interview with Hired Guns’ Leif Miltenberger on Craig’s site.