Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to Design Finds, HOW’s weekly collection of exciting design news, discoveries and happenings from around the web. This week’s selection includes social media tips, a fascinating AI-based tool that gives us a look at global trends, a VR film about PTSD, an international poster exhibition, and—naturally—a hammer controlled by a goldfish that controls a hammer that smashes tiny furniture. Indeed.

1. The Domino’s Pizzafolio

Need to class up your greasy delivery pizza game? Look no further. This elegant pizza portfolio designed by CP+B may trick you into thinking you’re eating a higher-quality pie. Why, you ask? Good question. Read more at The Dieline. 

2. Drawing Circles Around the World

A studious experiment that leverages Google’s artificial intelligence drawing app examines how people around the world draw circles—and what that behavior can tell us about global culture. More at Quartz.

3. Transference: A Virtual Reality Film about PTSD

Fair warning: This film is not for the faint of heart. Still, it promises to be an interesting look at PTSD, and a brilliant way to leverage VR technology in film. Read more.

4. The Mut zur Wut Poster Competition

We’d never heard of this competition before, so we’ll let them tell you about it:

Since 2014, the International Poster Competition Mut zur Wut (meaning “courage to rage” in German) has been flagging and championing political posters from around the globe. Every year, 30 winning posters selected from hundreds of submissions are put up along the busy roads and pedestrian walkways of a new city, claiming space typically reserved for advertising for political expression in an act of détournement (the “hijacking” mapped out by the Situationist International in 1958).

Check out a few of my personal favorites below, and see more at

5. Snapchat’s Snap Map

I’m a little too old to fully embrace Snapchat, but my younger colleagues seem to enjoy it, and over at Bustle, you can learn how to use the new Snap Map to win at contemporary social media. I might have to start snapping more.

Bonus: Smashie the Goldfish 

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Neil Mendoza has created the Fish Hammer, a contraption that involves a hammer controlled by a goldfish named Smashie who smashes tiny furniture arranged in a semicircle around his tank. Read about it here. (You can also learn how to build your own—because… reasons—here.)

Fish Hammer from Neil Mendoza on Vimeo.

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