Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to Design Finds, HOW’s weekly selection of interesting news and discoveries from the past week. This week’s selection includes news about a tool for pairing different devices (and pizza), amazing paper sculptures, a tool that helps you discover and pair Google Fonts, a quick and easy data-viz-to-gif tool, and more. 

1. The Data GIF Maker

The Google News Lab released a tool that allows journalists (and anyone else) to synthesize the Search data in the form of GIFs. Read about it at FastCo, or play with the tool here. It does take a bit of time for everything to process, though, so have patience.

2. Inside the World of Boutique Keyboards

This awesome Gizmodo article explores the world of custom keyboards—the weird, the wild, the questionably useful. Check it out here.

3. Pizza and Applets

Domino’s announced a partnership with IFTTT, a free online service that allows users to create connections among digital devices and have certain events in one device trigger other events in another device—using what’s called applets. Read about it at AdWeek.

4. A Paper Aviary

Dn&co was asked to create an exhibition to bring life to a little-known public square in central London. Installing over 150 multicoloured paper birds, the result was a spectacle of pure wonder. Explore more and see closeups of the birds.

5. A Better Google Font Finder

Mattthew created a new and improved way to discover, compare and pair Google Fonts. Check it out here.