Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week


Welcome to Design Finds, where we select some of the most exciting happenings from the creative world each week. This week’s selection includes Arabic calligraphic creations, branding maps from around the world, a fascinating Dalí/Disney collaboration, and intriguing typographic creatures.

1. Arabic Calligraphic Creations

Arabic calligraphy is an art. When I was studying Arabic language in my undergraduate years, I had the unique pleasure of learning how to create illustrations using Arabic characters from an Iraqi calligrapher. These words follow the same principles: The Arabic characters have been arranged to match their literal meaning. Here, Egypt-based graphic designer Mahmoud Tammam transforms the language into visual representations of their meaning. Check out more over at Colossal.


2. The Most Valuable Brands in Different Countries

This map from shows the most valuable brands in a variety of coutnries around the world. As you can imagine, Google tops the list in the USA.



3. Salvador Dalí’s Long-Lost Collaboration with Walt Disney

In 1946, Disney and Dalí created this animated story of Chronos, the personification of time who falls in love with a mortal. Watch it below. Discovered via Nameless.

4. Adobe’s New Video Tutorial Series, “Make It Now”

Adobe’s new video series, “Make It Now,” offers tutorials to help with projects that require a quick turn. These videos, created for design enthusiasts, demo how to create a specific project in 60 seconds or less. Watch four of them below.

5. Typographic Creatures

Athens-based graphic designer Andreas Xenoulis of Corn Studio created these mesmerizing “daimon” faces from typographic characters. See more and read about the project here.

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