5 Creative Highlights & Discoveries This Week

Welcome to Design Finds, HOW’s weekly collection of exciting design news, discoveries and happenings from around the web. This week’s selection includes a hilarious artificial quote generator, design and culture resources, and a bit news about Kickstarter.

1. We Wear Culture

Google Arts & Culture put together a historical database detailing the history of the intersection of fashion, art and design, including over 400 stories by curators from leading institutions across the world. It’s beautiful and fascinating.

2. Kickstarter Gold

Through July 31, Kickstarter is bringing back 60 or so of its most popular projects via the new Kickstarter Gold. It basically revives old, popular projects for crowdfunding of updates and new versions. Some of our favorites: the Philographics book and postcards, a hand-inked oracle deck (similar to tarot)—the art and packaging are lovely, and the “What’s For Dinner?” notepad by the makers of Foodie Dice.

3. InspiroBot

Meet InspiroBot, an incredibly entertaining web bot that generates inspirational quotes. Seems technology has a long way to go before it can match designers and writers, but it’s great fun to play with.


4. Historical New York Restaurant Menus

Our sister publication, Print, is sure to fall in love with these restaurant menus from New York, showing off two centuries of cuisine and culture. Check it out at the wine blog, VinePair.

5. Podcasts as Books

As FastCo reports, Royal College of Art graduate Seung Tae Oh created book cover designs for popular podcasts as part of his “Making Podcast Physical” project. Read more.

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