Getty Images Makes Photo Archive Available for Free Use

Do you search for stock images or other visuals to include in your blog or personal site? This week’s announcement from Getty Images may help you in your pursuit — without hurting your wallet. Getty Images announced a new embed tool that allows “publishers” to pull images from the Getty archives,  and then embed these images in their own sites — for free. That is, as long as these images are used for non-commercial purposes and the publisher uses the embed code provided by Getty. But, with an archive of more than 35 million photos, this is what we might call “a big deal.”

According to Getty, the embedded images will include photographer attribution. When a person clicks on the embedded image, it’ll take the user back to Getty’s website, where it can be licensed for commercial use. The images can also be shared on social media platforms and even WordPress, which is the world’s most popular blogging platform, and will impact their 75 million users. As Getty Images explains, the new embed tool is supported “anywhere HTML can be posted,” opening up the possibilities even broader.

Embed tool, image from Getty Images

Embed tool, image from Getty Images

Raanan Bar-Cohen, senior vice president of commercial services at Automattic, the company behind also speaks to the new embed tool:

This new Getty Images embed capability will open users up to a huge new creative repository in a simple, legal way. We look forward to seeing all the amazing ways that our users can take advantage of this new access.

Embed tool, image from Getty Images website

Embed tool, image from Getty Images website

Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images explains why they decided to create the embed capability in a bit more detail:

Images are the communication medium of today and imagery has become the world’s most spoken language. Whether via a blog, website or social media, everyone is a publisher and increasingly visually literate. Innovation and disruption are the foundation of Getty Images, and we are excited to open up our vast and growing image collection for easy, legal sharing in a new way that benefits our content contributors and partners, and advances our core mission to enable a more visually-rich world.

You may remember that last October, Getty Images also began a partnership with Pinterest in which Getty Images pays a fee to the social media site in exchange for their metadata. Getty’s contributors then receive a share of the fees and attribution for their content. This new embedding capability is part of the company’s move into expanding their capabilities and working with new partners.

What do you think about the new embed tool?


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