Giving Coca-Cola Bottles A Second Life

In recent years there’s been a huge movement toward green, sustainable living and business practices. From do-it-yourself projects that have taken the internet by storm on sites like Pinterest, Instructables, and more, to artists building homes for the homeless out of discarded items. In other parts of the world, namely third world countries, there’s always been a trend toward resourcefulness and innovation with what the western civilization would call garbage—things like electricity generating windmills to shoes for children out of 2-liter bottles and “lightbulbs” out of water, bleach, and discarded soda bottles.

By now I hope that it’s no secret that there’s a million uses for things that we dispose of on a daily basis and one proudly American company has found a way to give it’s product packaging a second life after the product has been consumed. The company? Coca-Cola. At nearly 130 years old The Coca-Cola Company is resting on it’s laurels and becoming the geriatric grandfather we all know and love. Instead, Coke has taken its classic 20 oz. plastic bottle and given it a second life as a bevy of helpful products for work and play. Check out the video below to find out how Coke is reducing trash and helping people reuse their product—reduce, reuse, recycle indeed!

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