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The Sixth Annual Logo Design Awards (this year’s deadline is this Friday, Aug. 21) saw some amazing entries. We ended up with an amazing group of winners. Among the many great logos was a gorgeous one from Works Progress Design, a small agency full of self-proclaimed creative partners, confidantes, storytellers and artists who work as seasoned strategists, designers, writers and developers.

“Being selected for the HOW Logo Design Awards was a huge highlight for us,” says Mara Lubell, owner and creative director of Works Progress Design. “It had kind of an empowering effect; like by winning HOW, we were taking things to the next level. And it was something we were very proud to share with our clients, audience, and peers. I think we’ve had one of our best years since then.”

Lubell adds that they’ll “definitely be entering again this year. HOW is a highly respected publication in our industry. If you’re going to compete, this is the platform you want to do it in. It carries weight within the industry, not just to peers, but to potential clients in the marketing field as well.”

Take a look at some of Works Progress’ logo design work below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Eye Candy: Great Logos & Identity Applications by Works Progress Design



















Winner in the 6th Annual Logo Design Awards. According to Works Progress: Merzatta is a husband and wife jewelry design team. What makes their work so amazing is that they don’t take the literal approach. Their work is inspired by elements in nature, but ones that aren’t immediately seen; finding joy in hidden treasures. The logo—a sweet pair of squirrels facing each other—speaks to both the connection to nature, and to the couple themselves and the warmth and love they put into every piece. The negative space between them forms the shape of an acorn, a nod to the little discoveries that only come to light when they come together.


Will you and your team be among this year’s winners?

Generic_Competition_Logos_Logo_300x220NEW in the Logo Design Awards: This year we’re adding an IDENTITY APPLICATIONS category that will allow you to show off anything created in conjunction with a logo—business cards, letterheads, signage, websites, T-shirts, stamps, packaging, tote bags, other products, interactive elements, animated GIFs and more.

Lippincott senior partner in design Rodney Abbot is the judge of this year’s Logo Design Awards. He has extensive expertise in creating visual identity programs that translate brand strategy into expression and experience. Having been at Lippincott for 20 years, he’s created numerous identity and environmental design programs for a diverse range of clients including Dell, IBM, Infiniti, Nissan and Sprint. Abbot’s work has been featured in leading design publications and books, and he’s received numerous awards.

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