How It’s Made: Hand-Sewn Journals

Alley-Kats began as an illustration-based clothing line in 2012 and has since grown to become a creative label also producing zines, journals and screen prints. Founder Greg Mantra has recently created a video showing the steps involved in making the hand-sewn journals:

hand-sewn journals; Alley-Kats creative label

Hand-Printed, Recycled-Paper Beauties

Alley-kats’ hand-stitched and printed journals are made out of recycled paper, hemp string and a lino-printed cover. They’re illustrative of Alley-Kats’ commitment to use the highest-quality materials possible. Mantra says:

“We like to do good where we can, this means we have begun completely phasing out all methods of production that aren’t deemed “eco-friendly.” All new products are now being made using earth-safe inks and fair-trade garments so you can be happy knowing that no one has been given a raw deal anywhere down the production line in order to produce our products.”

Alley-Kats creative label

A Brand to Believe In

As a whole, Mantra says the brand is based on three words: creativity, originality and positivity.

“I want to offer a brand with real substance and character, not one that chases after the latest trend or hype only to change tact the next week as fashions shift.”

Mantra does all the brand artwork himself, and throughout the line you’ll see playful graphics influence by graffiti and illustration, early skateboarding graphics and 90s hip-hop—all of which were personal interests at the time he founded Alley-Kats. Check out more of his work below:

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What do you think? Is hand-sewn and hand-printed the way to go?