Betty Hatchett: Great Logo Design & Illustration Work

In 2012, Norwood, OH–based Betty Hatchett Design principal Elizabeth Hatchett was recognized in the HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards for her logo, which was just one of many cool logo designs that came out of the industry that year. Judge Sunny Bonnell, co-founder and creative director at Motto, had nothing but good things to say about Hatchett’s design:

“I was immediately smitten by this entry. The idea of using an image of a hatchet in place of the word is curiously simple and so memorable. It’s feminine, yet feminist; it’s as if you get a sense of who she is and the work she creates through the identity. The handcrafted feel of the line quality and the subtle powdering of white on the surface is quite charming. It’s beautifully rendered.”

Betty Hatchett Design; cool logo designs

“I wanted to speak to both the beauty and the utility of the designs I create, so I paired a buxom B’ed Betty with the ever useful, capable hatchet,” says Betty Hatchett Design principal Elizabeth Hatchett of the design that won in HOW’s 2012 Logo Design Competition & Awards.

These days, Hatchett is focusing on illustration work, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t have some great recent logo work too. Let’s find out more about what she’s been creatingand why.

Betty Hatchett Design; cool logo designs

You call yourself a curious person who is “regularly in awe” and asking questions. It’s really a fascinating perspective and seems like one that would be very beneficial to have in a creative industry. So, how much of your creative growth do you contribute to your commitment to living with that sense of wonder?

I used to really stress myself out in art school wanting to make “deep art” but somewhere along the way, it helped me to clarify a bit and realize that at the very core, I wanted to be a fully alive, question-asking, life-feeling person that also made things … and inevitably, some of what I make (as that person) would connect, some of it would have depth.

Becoming that person is a lifelong pursuit, of course. But I think the quality of my work, both for clients and self-driven, is directly tied to how well I’m living in that sense of wonder. It helps me ask better questions and get to the core beauty of an idea, of a business or cause. It helps me look sideways at challenges and find solutions I wouldn’t have found without that energy, that curiosity.

Betty Hatchett Design; cool logo designs

“Brigitte Lyons is a PR coach and professional blogger for ‘indieprenuers,’ entrepreneurs, often in creative fields, who largely run their businesses with a lot of DIY initiative. The core of Brigitte’s visual language is a a pen transforming into a rocket, with the ink of creativity and energy propelling it to new heights,” Hatchett says on her website.

cool logo design; betty hatchett design

“Citilogics is an engineering firm that offers tools to water utilities, helping them better track water from utility to faucet. As I listened to their assets and goals for the future, it became clear that they needed a mark that could grow with their company … We let the grid of the city become the foundation of their visual language, giving the appropriate sense of stability, logic, function, and order, the bedrock of their work across applications,” says Hatchett.

How has your perspective on logo design changed since you entered the HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards in 2012?

The HOW logo competition was clarifying in so many ways for me, but I think one of the most influential takeaways was the importance of self-initiated work. I entered three different logos that year, and the one that was chosen was my own. Of course, as a designer, I had to spend time on my own logo, but seeing how many doors that one project opened for me helped me realize that producing work I’ve been itching to make is essential, even if there’s not a client behind it. I think that’s simply part of being a healthy creative person, and it’s also how you get jobs that connect with your interests.

Betty Hatchett Design; cool logo designs

“DGM transformations is a remodeling company for home and commercial spaces with a wide scope of expertise, from electrical to carpentry, to painting to drywall. They came to me with the need for language that expressed their multifaceted offerings in a design communicating hope and renewal. We arrived at a mark where a pattern of tools references their breadth of knowledge and the upward pointing arrow/home made by the chord of an illuminated light bulb conveys new creation and transformation,” says Hatchett.

Betty Hatchett Design; cool logo designs

You state on your website that you “think with pictures,” “think quite a bit about pictures,” and “take great delight in making pictures that connect with people.” How does that translate to your process of creating a logo?

You can often tell when a painter is looking at a painting in a gallery, because they look at it from all angles, peek behind to see how it’s hanging on the wall, get close enough to tell what kind of brush was used … they’re checking out how it was made and why it works from a technical perspective.

I do that with all kinds of images, looking for why and how they work (or don’t work), technically, emotionally and informationally. The process is critical when I’m narrowing my focus on design concepts to flesh out and show clients. There are always concepts that don’t quite make the cut, and clearing the noise before sending off options makes it easier for everybody involved.

What your favorite logo you’ve designed to date?

My favorite project is always the one that’s still in my head. 😉

Why do you think entering HOW’s Logo Design Competition & Awards is a good idea for designers?

Especially as a newer designer, the chance to get your work before seasoned professionals offers a world of opportunities, even if you don’t make the top ten.  And when I found out my logo was actually chosen, I loved imagining it at a fancy design party hobnobbing with the likes of the Pinterest logo and Howard Finster’s mark. I’ve had several design opportunities and business connections come directly from my participation in the competition.

Additional works by Hatchett:

Betty Hatchett Design  Betty Hatchett Design; illustration work Betty Hatchett Design; illustration work Betty Hatchett Design; illustration work Betty Hatchett Design; illustration work Betty Hatchett Design; handlettering

Betty Hatchett Design; illustration work Betty Hatchett Design; handlettering

Do you want to see your logo work out there on a leveled playing field? Judge Dave Gouveia would love see it in the Logo Design Competition & Awards.