How to Be Humble When Your In-House Design Team’s Killin’ It

You’re beating project deadlines left and right. In-house clients are loving the work you’re producing. And to top it all off, the design awards just keep rolling in.

Does this sound like your in-house design team?

If so, then you’re probably wondering, how in the world does an in-house design team remain humble when the praise JUST. WON’T. QUIT?

Luckily, the in-house design team at Unbound has figured it out.

Watch their hilarious video below for some stellar examples of how to epitomize humility—even in the midst of being recognized in HOW’s In-House Design Awards.

Are you as in love with the in-house team at Unbound as we are? Between the fantastic sense of humor and amazing work, we can’t get enough.

Unbound is committed to helping people become more aware of the realities of global poverty and grow in human solidarity. The organization works side by side with people living in poverty in 20 countries around the world.

Check out some of their winning work from last year’s HOW In-House Design Awards:

winning work from in-house design team at Unbound

winning work from in-house design team at Unbound

2015 In-House Design Awards Merit Winner: LIVING UNBOUND | Team Members: Cara VanNice, Veronica Batton, Jordan Kimbrell, Loretta Shea Kline, Larry Livingston, April Befort-Neumann, Buddy Hanson, Anne Peetz, Tristan John Cabrera, Naresli Calito, Luis Cocón, Henry Flores, Regina Mburu, Akansha Roy, Alexandra Stonestreet, Amanda Burian | Company: Unbound | Location: Kansas City, Kansas


2015 In-House Design Awards Outstanding Achievement Winner: IN AN INSTANT | Category: Nonprofit | Creative Team: Henry Flores, Michele Batliner, Cara VanNice, and Luis Cocón | Company: Unbound | Location: Kansas City, Kansas