In-House Designers: We Salute You

500x500_gdresourceA couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the spirit of innovation and in-house creativity that inspired some of last’s year’s In-House Design Awards winners in the B-to-B category. This week, as we approach the final extended deadline for the competition (July 24th), we’re excited to share with you a group of winners from last year in the Consumer and Educational categories. The in-house designers behind these projects met their objectives with creative solutions, and we’ll hear from a couple of them about what winning meant for their teams.

In-House Designers Who Rocked It (in the Educational Category)

We love the Sagmeister & Walsh SVA Subway Posters from School of Visual Arts Visual Arts Press Ltd. (New York City).When SVA executive vice president Anthony P. Rhodes asked Sagmeister to create that season’s design, the artist decided to focus on the universal theme of change. His attitude? Take it on.

Here’s what the creative team—which included Anthony P. Rhodes, Michael J. Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, Santiago Carrasquilla, Henry Leutwyler and Erik Johansson—created:





The in-house team at South Texas College of Law (Houston) was recognized for their STCL Annual Report to Donors 2013–2014. The creative team, which included senior graphic designer David Powell, Terry Vine and Laura Tolley, needed to effectively thank the alumni for their ongoing support while encouraging them to continue to give back to the college. Here’s what they did:




EDU_STCL_AR_DONORSHow did the team feel about winning?

“Receiving recognition at any level from my peers is always an honor,” said Powell. “Transitioning from a large design firm to a small in-house academic group as I have done only makes the inclusion and recognition even sweeter. The connection to and visibility within the design community is very important and very reaffirming.

“Winning this award was well received by our in-house design group and within the college at large. This type of recognition, especially for an in-house group, is positive and a great acknowledgement of our design abilities.”


In-House Designers Who Rocked It (in the Consumer Category)

The  [D3] Team at Hilton Worldwide (Memphis, TN) was recognized for their Explore Home2 Suites Website. The creative team, which included Rich Clayton, Luis Toro, Cason White, Claudia Rhea and Kevin Davis, needed to update an existing Flash-built site by moving it to a more universally accepted and easily updated format. Here’s what they came up with:

And here’s what the team had to say about winning:

“Winning this award meant a lot to our team. It reminded us that our efforts don’t go unnoticed, and it inspired us to continue striving for creative greatness.

“One of our developers was actually so excited that he sprouted wings and flew away. We haven’t seen him since. Tony, if you’re reading this: COME HOME. WE MISS YOU.”




 The creatives of Dunlop Manufacturing Inc. (Benicia, CA)—Jimmy Dunlop, Joey Tosi, Graham Shaw, Justin Butler and Mick Waller—created some killer Fuzz Face Mini packaging, designing it to reference the original 1960s box designs but with a modern twist.




Generic_Competition_Logos_Inhouse_300x220 (1)HOW’s In-House Design Awards organization by category leads to the ultimate leveled playing field. In this competition, in-house design teams are up against other in-house design teams that are producing incredible work while facing a unique set of issues their respective industries—and the great work rises to the top.

This competition is perfect for not only showcasing talent in an in-house group but also elevating the team’s status within your company.

Will YOUR in-house team be among next year’s winners? Follow these three simple steps:
1. Enter.
2. Win.
3. Celebrate.

Please allow us to elaborate on how to celebrate: Bask in the glory. Enjoy the prizes. Share the news about your recognition from the judges—White House’s Digital Creative Director Ashleigh Axios, The Coca-Cola Company’s Design Manager Alex Center, and HDL’s In-House Management Programming Partner Ed Roberts. And maybe have a team pizza party (or, let’s get real, an adult beverage party).

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