Indian Motorcycle Catalog Design from Colle+McVoy

With the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards on the minds of every creative at HOW, we couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous client promotions project by Colle+McVoy. Read on to find out what makes this project so special.

colle-mcvoy_scout-launch_2_indian_motorcycle_catalogProject: Indian Motorcycle
(Model Year 2015)

Firm: Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis

Client: Indian Motorcycle

Creative Team: Mike Caguin, CCO; Michael Atkinson, creative director; Sam Soulek, Anthony Cappetta, designers; David Kelly, art director; Erik Kvalseth, writer; Scott Toepfer, Jesse Carmody, Trevor Pearson, photographers



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Colle+McVoy had many goals to achieve in its catalog design for Indian Motorcycle: Showcase the bikes as being the finest choice for “real” riders. Pull new riders into the brand. Coax riders who are only dreaming of their first ride on a new Indian Motorcycle to actually purchase one and make that ride a reality.

With an extremely truncated production timeline resulting in multiple photo and video shoots happening simultaneously within a four-day period, Colle+McVoy pulled it off and then some, creating a brand-infused catalog that has ultimately helped the company on its journey to return to its place as America’s first and most iconic motorcycle company.


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“There’s a lot of soul in the Indian Motorcycle brand,” says Sam Soulek, associate design director at Colle+McVoy. “That spirit resonates through the industrial and graphic design elements developed throughout the years, including the classic Indian Motorcycle logos, badges and typography.”

To launch the 2015 model year lineup, Indian Motorcycle wanted to uphold the rich heritage for which they’re known while also highlighting the new experience their bikes offer to riders. Thus the catalog and collateral materials showcase the new Indian Scout and the lifestyle it evokes, while also leverage iconic elements of the company’s heritage in a way that, as Soulek puts it, “pays respect to the past, without getting stuck in it.”





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