Leviathan Creates Interactive Exhibit for MSI Chicago

Chicago-based conceptual design company Leviathan recently partnered with the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago to create a seriously cool interactive exhibit for the museum’s “Numbers in Nature.”

Leviathan Creates Interactive Exhibits for MSI Chicago

Taking an innovative approach with equally innovative technologies, Leviathan designed the installations and a film presentation to allow museum visitors to explore, in a brand new way, the patterns and mathematics that occur in our world.  Leviathan’s executive creative director Jason White says the following about the project:

“From the concept to completion, there was a fantastic emphasis on visual quality and attention to accurate scientific details from both our team and the crew at MSI. … Ultimately, we invented a new visual language based on MSI’s designs that is educational and fits all the patterns at the exhibit’s heart. We helped design this system using white spiral, voronoi and fractal branching patterns that are superimposed over colorful footage of nature, the human body, and architecture; they are introduced in the film and used throughout the exhibit, including all the promotional materials.”

T6111Leviathan designed the ultra-widescreen film presentation in a way that would take the exhibit to the next level, combining HD cinematography with motion graphics and visual effects, as well as an original score from Joel Corelitz of Waveplant.

The accompanying installations include everything from a mirror maze that allows visitors to see if their proportions comply with da Vinci’s Golden Ratio in real-time, to an installation that allows visitors to explore 3D spirals, Voronoi diagrams and other natural patterns—simply by waving their hands. The overall idea is to engage and educate both children and adults alike.

But the design of the interactive installations did not come without unique challenges, according to creative director Bradon Webb:

“The Leap Motion installation features nine unique 3D objects that participants can rotate by moving their hands in space, while the Vitruvian Man activity uses a Pepper’s Ghost effect to display graphic information and proportions over a mirror reflection of your body’s image. … We used a Kinect camera to track bodies and then dynamically draw lines with our real-time engine.”

Leviathan Creates Interactive Exhibits for MSI Chicago

Leviathan Creates Interactive Exhibits for MSI Chicago

Leviathan Creates Interactive Exhibits for MSI Chicago

Leviathan Creates Interactive Exhibits for MSI Chicago


Check out Leviathan’s case study video:

Full project credits available here.