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If you’re a designer, chances are you’re designing across various media. When it comes to brand adherence and consistency, the age of responsive web design, mobile-specific and more, your job can get a little tricky.

Especially when it comes to type. Do you find yourself trying to render a font on various screen sizes and systems? To be quite honest, dealing with type and typography in the face of 21st Century devices is downright challenging for designers. And when you’re dealing with impending deadlines and the demands of creative work, having the very best tools at your disposal to create consistent designs is arguably the most important choice you can make.


Curated type collections by leading designers make discovering new typefaces a pleasure, like this ‘Places & Typefaces’ collection by Wolff & Olins’ art director Sue Murphy

“Design is intrinsically important to the world … and it’s hard to create good design without good type.” – Paul McKeever, Director of Typecast® 

Monotype is an incredibly recognizable name in the world of design–and that’s not by accident. For over one hundred years Monotype has been serving and creating for creative professionals, for those of us who create and distribute content in all of its many forms. Being synonymous with good type, Monotype is an important player in the type world and the advancement of design in the digital age.

Across All Mediums, Type Carries the Brand

Now, Monotype has launched Membership by Monotype, a cloud-based membership for creative teams with “unlimited font experimentation and clear-cut licensing.” What’s that mean for you? It means consistent brand expression, quicker comp time, easy font searches and more.

“As consumer touch points continue to multiply, it is critical for brands to create consistency in the way they are displayed and perceived across all of these mediums,” said John McCallum, Monotype’s vice president of Enterprise Solutions.

“Type is a crucial component of brand identity and is sometimes the only piece that remains when designs scale down to things like packaging, labels and small screens. We designed our Membership service to remove the barriers that have traditionally existed in working with type, liberating the creative process and providing the future-proofing that brands and agencies need when it comes to using type across every medium.”

Monotype Is Evolving with Tech and User Trends

Experimenting with type and finding the perfect font is easy and instantaneous with one click installation, beautiful specimens, and detailed information about each typeface.

Experimenting with type and finding the perfect font is easy and instantaneous with one click installation, beautiful specimens, and detailed information about each typeface.

The growth in various brand expressions–across platforms and media–is a trend. Brand identity has become more important to everyday life. “It’s what the business card was to the 80s, Paul McKeever explains, “now every touchpoint and interaction is branded to put forth the best version of the brand.”

Membership by Monotype provides quality type from the Monotype libraries–both classics and new releases, like Burlingame and Quire Sans. There are “few collections of type in the world where you have choice and range, and you’re confident in using them,” McKeever adds.

What Designers Get from Membership:

  • Unlimited font experimentation instant experimentation with Web fonts through Typecast® 
  • Design in the browser for easy comping and testing
  • Easy prototyping for responsive designs
  • One-click font installs
  • Desktop, web and extended use
  • Access to both Typecast®  and Membership by Monotype fonts
  • Eliminating workflow challenges and tedious things.”
  • Extended rights for app and e-Pub
  • More streamlined workflow
  • Easy vetting of typefaces, with specimens showing all of the characteristics of the type

Monotype has built their new membership model with the help of design experts around the world. They’ve tapped thought leaders to craft typefaces around ideas and concepts for their collection, demonstrating a forward-thinking, collaborative approach to design that we see threading through its entire brand, products and philosophy. “Hopefully at the end of the day you’ll end up with happy designers …” McKeever says.

We couldn’t agree more, Paul. 

Try a 30-day free trial to see for yourself.  

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