“Genesis of Cookie”: A New Poster Design

I enjoy a good cookie. I’ve read about the origins of chocolate chip cookies before — yes, I have too much time on my hands. But the fact that someone combined flour, butter, sugar, chocolate and all yummy goodness together to make a delicious treat amazes me. I’m not alone with this curiosity, as the research-based design team SweeTooth Design created a new poster called “Genesis of Cookie.” Get hungry to create — and maybe eat some cookies.


While researching the history of several types of cookie, the team realized that not everyone would want to read about “cookie history in text form.” So, they created this poster to show the information in a simpler form, sorting the cookies on the poster by the century they first appeared – well, approximately because cookie history can get complicated. Under each cookie illustration is its name, century and country of origin.

cookie-dark-1 cookie-light-1

Like many designers do these days, they used a Kickstarter to fund the project, explaining that:

SweeTooth Design was established based on our hobbies: baking, researching, designing, etc. It’s still in its premature stage, which funding is required for future growth like getting an office. We find that Kickstarter doesn’t only help us with funding, but also gain more publicity on our services we provide on our website such as creative recipes, food knowledge, etc.


POSTER1-15-2 plain-black

The posters are available for purchase at shoplocket with a black or lighter background.



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One thought on ““Genesis of Cookie”: A New Poster Design

  1. Manuela

    This is a really nice approach to the theme… Using illustrations to explain something is always a good solution and when there is a good design like this one is the best!