PAPERbecause: A Truckload of Reasons for Paper!

It’s no secret that paper is falling out of favor with consumers. The green movement is going strong and people are preferring to go paperless in all of the media that they consume be it email, books, newspapers, and other information—gone are the days of printing anything out. However, paper doesn’t have to be something evil, and in fact the people over at Domtar are showing consumers just how fun paper can be.

As part of its PAPERbecause campaign, a satirical online video campaign, that pokes fun at and disproves the myths of a paperless society, Domtar’s Paper Fun Truck debuts with a flurry of fun, color, and of course paper. Styled after an old school ice cream truck the Paper Fun Truck pulls into random LA neighborhoods and celebrates the world of paper by passing out everything from cupcakes to coloring books all the way to best-selling novels. Check out the video below to see how a truck full of paper can spread joy like none other!

Think paper is obsolete? Be sure to check out Domtar’s PAPERbecause YouTube channel for hilarious short videos on the necessity of paper in today’s digital world. You’ll be laughing and reaching for that old, well-worn notebook in the bottom of your desk drawer in no time!

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