Responsive Content: Targeting Your Target

Effectively targeting your consumer or target market is no small task. How about designing web content that tailors specific advertisements and news to different visitors, based on their individual needs and interests?

Despite how large and complex an endeavor, it’s the way of the modern web: Make sure that visitors have a positive experience with your brand and quickly find what they’re looking for on the site. Keeping this in mind, one of the hottest trends emerging in UX design is dynamic content—moving beyond a traditional website experience, it allows you to target and uniquely shape content to each individual customer when they arrive.

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Responsive content goes beyond just reformatting the look and feel of the page depending on how your visitors are visiting your site (i.e. via a cellphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.). It’s grown to include the content your customer sees.

Consider how many times you’ve gone to the same website and performed the same series of actions to access the information or content updates that are pertinent to you. Responsive content is smart, agile programming and design that actually learns the consumer as they visit your site repeatedly.

First time visitor? Maybe you’ll see a pop-up welcoming you and promoting a discount on the product or service.

Returning customer? Perhaps a message will appear asking you to join the mailing list for exclusive offers and news updates.

Always beeline to the tips and tricks section? Have your page launch them straight to that content and save them time and effort. With smart programming and responsive content you can tell your content how to respond to each individual visitor to your site—only showing the targeted customer what’s pertinent to their needs and interests, creating a unique and customized experience.

Companies like Facebook and Amazon have been using responsive content and targeting for some time, and, now, the rest of the web is starting to follow suit …

The good news: You don’t have to be a programmer extraordinaire to create a site with responsive content. The team of programmers at Duda now provide a unique, self-serve service, inSite, that allows you to target your customers’ needs and wants faster and easier.

“The bigger companies have always had the budgets and resources to create elaborate personalized user experiences … Today, with inSite, we’re leveling the playing field by democratizing this technology and making it possible for anyone to easily build enterprise-grade websites without the need for massive budgets or a large development team,” says Itai Sadan, CEO and Co-founder of Duda.

Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of how you could benefit from responsive content display and marketing!

About Duda

Duda is a leading DIY website builder for web professionals and small businesses via its products; DudaMobile, a mobile-only site builder; DudaOne, a responsive website builder and DudaPro, which enables entrepreneurs, designers and agencies of all sizes to create web presence solutions without the need to invest in hours of costly development time. Duda is based in Palo Alto, California, currently hosts over five million websites  and won over ten awards in the last year, including Small or Medium Business Service of the Year.

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