Share Art with Curiator, a New Online Platform

This may come as no surprise, but I love art and beautiful things. I spend more of my free time than I’m comfortable admitting either looking at images, gifs and the sort online or actively seeking some visual stimuli in galleries, museums and the everyday. I know that a lot of you feel me on that. I’m excited to keep a new site on my radar: Curiator. Much like the name implies, this recently launched online platform allows users to collect and share art online. Unlike other sites, which encourages users to collect and share images on a variety of topics or personal interests, Curiator is focused on the visual arts.


On Curiator, you can build a personal digital art collection, adding your own images or collecting art from other users. Similar to other platforms, you can follow other’s collections and artists and work your way through the catalog, and you can check out the featured artists. Users can also create a room to organize a collection — making it private or public.

One of my favorite aspects is that the Curiator mirrors a museum or gallery experience with guest curators who, well, curate an online exhibition on a dedicated page. As the site’s founders suggest, this may be a great tool for students, designers, teacher and others.


Curiator was born out of founders Moenen Erbuer and Tobias Boonstoppel’s mutual love of visual art and their desire to create a space for others to explore art. Erbuer previously worked as senior designer at the interactive agency AKQA and  Boonstoppel had worked at Google as a software engineer, specifically working on Google Maps and in Google Research. Boonstoppel says:

We understand the requirements and possibilities of digital platforms and social media. We have applied our complementary skills to create an experience that is streamlined, simple and elegant.

Curiator has been in its beta stage since 2013, gathering 4,500 users, 20,000 pieces of art and 8,000 artists. In May, they will launch a mobile app.


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