Siegel+Gale’s New Logo for SAG-AFTRA

Who doesn’t like to check out a branding project? No one, that’s who. Back in 2012, two of America’s labor unions for actors, broadcasters and recording artists merged. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists became SAG-AFTRA. To reflect the merger with a new brand identity and logo, SAG-AFTRA partnered with the global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale. Yesterday, they released the fruits of their labor.



Revised magazine design

Siegel+Gale takes pride in embracing simplicity in their design, which is evident in the new SAG-AFTRA logotype. As you can see, the logo is a figure with a “forward-looking pose” who is reaching to the sky — and the person appears to be clad in black tie attire, as one might see at the various acting awards.

Siegel+Gale refreshed updated the color palette and other visual design elements, all while focusing on SAG-AFTRA’s diverse membership.This logo is also meant to embody organization’s main attributes: strength, excellence and unity.

The new logo

The new logo

Matthias Mencke, group creative director of brand development at Siegel+Gale explained that

The symbol is inspired by the legacy logos of the two unions prior to their merger. The new form honors the rich history of the respective organizations, while depicting a unified future for their diverse membership.

SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard also felt that the logo was “terrific” and would suit their needs, “It captures the humanity we bring to our crafts—whether we are actors, broadcasters or recording artists, we bring excellence to all that we do.”

What do you think of the new logo and identity?


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2 thoughts on “Siegel+Gale’s New Logo for SAG-AFTRA

  1. Designfacet

    The rigid front and the curved flowing back side of the figure does not look stable. I can see the curved back ending at the hip but they extended it to cover the butt. Whatever that rocks their boat. I wonder what the other ideas were like.

  2. castboy

    I want to know how much SAG-AFTRA paid – with members’ money – to have this mediocre and frankly, rather creepy logo designed. Was there a vote?