SNASK Creates “Biggest Poster in the World”

The Stolkholm-based branding firm SNASK is comprised of out-of-the-box thinkers. For the past five years, they’ve been lending their creative prowess — and their hands — to create the identity and promotional materials for The Malmö Festival, Scandinavia’s largest city festival. To celebrate the festival’s 30th anniversary, SNASK decided to go big, as in 15-by-12 meters big.

Why? Well why not. As Fredrik Öst, Snask creative director\founder explains, “We’ve always strive to get the viewer to want to picture themselves inside the poster.” So, they decided to create a poster out of plywood that would be large enough for people to be in it. Snask is calling it the “biggest poster in the world and the first poster ever to have been turned into an entire physical area,” but the verdict is still out on whether or not the poster is breaking records with its size.

Not only was moving this behemoth a project in and of itself, but also photographing such a large piece presented some difficulties as Öst explains below.

The complete poster, signing off with "puss & kram" or "hugs & kisses."

The complete poster, signing off with “puss & kram” or “hugs & kisses.”


Snapping the aerial shot of the poster wasn’t easy. Öst explains:

A tricky thing was to get the angle right. We needed to be 30 meters up in the air in order to get the angle good enough. We basically had to go up in a sky lift and find the correct exact spot where the angle was 100% correct.

The day before the shoot the weather seemed great. No rain, but [it was] cloudy [which] would allow a photo with soft shadows. The next day, it turned out to be extremely sunny. So we started the day by calculating how long it would take us to build everything and where the sun would be at the moment we were ready to shoot. We had to place the whole piece at an angle so that around 1 pm, the sun would be coming from the upper left corner, allowing shadows to nicely fall down right.

malmofestivalen2014_fixade_032 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_031 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_030 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_024

Öst continues:

When planning and creating such a big piece, that also has to work as an area for people to sit and walk on, we had to be aware of not lowering the quality. Just because we solved a problem didn’t mean it looked good enough. It was important to get in humans and objects that people recognize. Without them the whole piece looked fake even when standing right next to it.

On the finished photo you can see the dates having a shadow. It’s actually a manual drop shadow haha! When we were 30 meters up some bits looked fake. So we put stones underneath the dates 15-22nd to create a shadow underneath.

malmofestivalen2014_fixade_018 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_017 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_009

And, here are some images of the work-in-progress:


Letters in the woodshop


Letters in the woodshop

malmofestivalen2014_fixade_006 malmofestivalen2014_fixade_007

As part of the festival, which takes places this August 15-22, the poster will be on the streets of Malmö. And we can anticipate to see some fun snapshots of folks getting (yes, literally) into this poster.


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