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What makes great logo design? Looking at Studio Papa‘s cool logo designs, particularly at the one that won one of the past HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards, it takes thoughtful decisions regarding elements like type and color. Judge Sunny Bonnell, co-founder and creative director at Motto, raved about Studio Papa’s logo design for Catherine Traicos:

“I love logos that stir something within you or have an emotional quality about them. This is a lovely logo and meticulously crafted. Various type and elements come together to tell a rich story. It is Americana, folksy, and country. It’s a wonderful translation of that musical genre and captures the spirit of the band. The hand-lettering and subtle distress make the identity feel weathered and honest.”

Needless to say, you need look no further than Studio Papa‘s portfolio for great logo design examples that’ll leave you inspired, ready to create, and maybe—just maybe—ready to enter your own logo designs into HOW’s Logo Design Competition & AwardsI had the opportunity to catch up with Marcus Taylor, creative director of Studio Papa, to see how things are going, and to see what great logo work the studio’s been doing.

cool logo designs; Studio Papa

According to Studio Papa: “Catherine Traicos required a new logo to coincide with the release of her upcoming album ‘Gloriosa.’ A logo was designed that would reflect Traicos’ style of Americana country/folk music and embrace her new backing band ‘The Starry Night.’ Hand-lettering and customized type were used in the development of her boutique identity.”

A Change of Space and Perspective

Taylor and his Studio Papa have been through many exciting changes recently. The studio was formerly based in Melbourne and now operates out of the Studio Bomba Co-op in Leederville, Western Australia.

“I was living on the east coast [of Australia] and slowly building up a client base over there, then I moved back to my hometown and reconnected with clients back here. It certainly wasn’t planned this way but it’s allowed me to become really comfortable with working with clients interstate and more recently internationally, which has been really amazing and given me some great opportunities,” says Taylor.

Studio Papa; cool logo designs

According to the website, “Johnny Two Tone Club is the collaborative screen printing project from a handful of good creative folks from various studios in Perth and Melbourne. Like mum’s fresh paella, we are seething with a myriad of flavours including all the good stuff from 50′s Tiki to your dad’s garage sale sign with the hand lettering he did with a beer in the other hand. Tea towels, mix CD’s, posters, or even giant underpants; if we can hold it still for a minute, we’ll screen a story on it if you let us.”

HowMagazine_628x628_DapperJack HowMagazine_628x628_JackOnFire

Since entering the HOW’s Logo Competition, Taylor says he’s refined his logo design process extensively, but his “ideas about branding have probably remained the same more or less.

“I think if anything I’ve probably become more sympathetic and supportive of my process, to be honest. I know design studios all have quite different practices, and you’re sometimes given a weak brief, little time and a ‘just do it’ kind of attitude,” says Taylor. “Each to their own, but I just can’t produce work I feel comfortable delivering to a client like that, and I’ve realized that if I want to produce good work then it’s the product of a good process which works for me. So I’ve stopped being so hard on myself, I guess you could say.”

Favorite Logo Work

Most designers have a hard time choosing their favorite logo they’ve designed, and Taylor is no different. But if he has to choose, the branding work he did for the Fringe World Festival, an annual arts festival in Perth, Western Australia, might just be his favorite to date.


According to Taylor, “Fringe World’s a bit of a funny one in that there’s a core logo/typeface which stays every year, and then we build seasonal theming around it and kind of rebrand it each year.

“For this year’s theme, we worked with this idea of Perth nostalgia and created all sorts of illustrations and patterns to celebrate all these artifacts, amusement parks and fashion trends from our past. Some of them are pretty daggy, but there’s a wonderful kind of pride that we all feel about them here that connects us despite our age and socio-economic differences,” says Taylor.

Taylor notes that it was a large project, and the logo had to have several “well-considered lock-ups to work in different spaces,” which were created keeping in mind the different scales needed. “The brand also included 11 illustrated background patterns, 11 supporting show genre icons, 3 sub-brands for venues, an 80-page program, way-finding signage, print and digital advertising, maps and staff lanyards.

“It’s a great project because there’s a lot of trust with the promoters and they’re really encouraging for me to run with a theme and see where it ends up,” says Taylor. “Then they take the baton and extend the theme into venues and performances and doing all sorts of other tangible experiences I never would have dreamed of.”

Peer Review in Logo Competitions

As for this year’s HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards, Taylor has already entered with fingers crossed. “It’s nice to be judged in a context where there’s no local bias and it’s really on the strength of your work rather than your reputation (or lack of),” says Taylor. “But even more than that, I think it’s great to be reviewed by your peers and get some feedback from them.”

More Cool Logo Designs from Studio Papa

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