“Tech Doodle” Project Uses Objects to Fake Pixel Art

New York-based illustrator and photographer Sarah Rosado is no stranger to dirty little secrets. In fact, through a project of the same name, Rosado created illustrations of horses, clock towers and more using dirt from local parks. Whereas “Dirty Little Secrets” took a basic natural element and turned it into a striking work of art, her latest project takes a different approach. In “Tech Doodle” she uses keyboard keys to design fake pixel art.

Tech Doodle fake pixel art 1

Tech Doodle fake pixel art 2

Rosado explains her artistic intentions for “Tech Doodle” by saying:

I went from creating art with dirt to creating art using keyboard keys and using small objects around the house, like pearls, rhinestones, color paper, twist ties, cotton and aluminum foil for enhancement. I wanted this project to be way different from the first one. With all this technology happening now, I thought, ‘why not use keyboard keys to create fun and colorful art giving it a 3D pixel-like image?’

I spent about two hours on this new project carefully getting the perfect lines, placing each keyboard key on the color paper poster and then accessorizing it with small things from around the house. The type of objects that I choose are created specifically with the intention of bringing a smile to viewers.

Tech Doodle fake pixel art 3 Tech Doodle fake pixel art 4 Tech Doodle fake pixel art 5 Tech Doodle fake pixel art 6

With the art-pop colors and pixelated approach, Rosado’s latest project recalls ’80s art. As Jason Tselentis, a HOW and Print contributor, contends, this is quite the growing trend. To learn more about modern design’s love affair with retro, check out the upcoming June issue of Print. Not a Print subscriber? Make sure you never miss an issue by getting your magazine, your way. To check out more of the “Tech Doodle” project, head to Rosado’s online portfolio.

Tech Doodle fake pixel art 7Tech Doodle fake pixel art 9

Tech Doodle fake pixel art 8