The Best Web Fonts are the Ones You Create

Back in the day, people loved to throw around the term “web safe fonts.” In fact, this term is still pretty popular, but those in the know realize it’s outdated. Designers are now able apply traditional typography to the web and design their own web fonts. It may take a little work, and there’s certainly a learning curve, but the results are just what every professional (or personal) website needs: a clean, legible look. You know what you like and what your clients want, which means if you can’t find it among the “safe” typographic options, you’ll have to improvise. After all, the best web fonts are the ones you create.

HOWU Web Typography

To help you on your journey to developing the best web fonts, digital design guru and author Patrick McNeil has created the Web Typography course on HOW Design University. In this course, you’ll learn the necessary HTML and CSS code, as well as how to implement jQuery plugins. You’ll also explore custom web fonts and services to understand how they work. Four weeks of in-depth lessons will culminate in your ability to create the best web fonts.

patrick mcneil interactive design awards judge

Still not sure this course is for you? Mr. McNeil put together a webcast to help you understand what HOW U’s Web Typography program is all about. Watch it here. To sweeten the deal, we’re offering a 20% off discount when you enter the WEBTYPE discount code. The fun starts March 31, so sign up to start working on your best web fonts yet.



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