The Webby Awards: The Web@25

At the age of twenty-four I can legitimately say that I have never known the world without internet. We’ve grown up together, the web and I, and as it celebrates its 25th birthday this year I think it’s pertinent to take a look back at where we’ve been in our long, illustrious love affair with the World Wide Web. In honor of the internet’s 25th birthday the good folks over at Who Is Hosting This? put together the amazing infographic below chronicling the web’s infantile military use all the way to the publicly available and modern internet we know and love today.


In honor of the web turning 25 this year The Webby Awards have put together a new initiative called the “Web@25” in which The Webbys commissioned 25 artists, writers, designers, filmmakers and more to salute the past, present and future of the web leading up to the 18th annual Webby Awards on May 20th, 2014. Most of the great salutes have already debuted on the Webby site as the awards are just around the corner and while they are all super fun to look at and play around with one in particular caught my nerdy, data-loving brain’s attention and led to a few hours of late night exploration of some of my favorite web pages.

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 7.58.03 AM

The First Web, and Beyond’s view of the HOW Design site!

The First Web, and Beyond is a project by Argentinian data visualization artist Santiago Ortiz that crawls any website of your choosing and begins to seek out, or crawl, the links on your favorite web page connecting it to the we rest of the web. The result is a series of lines and nodes that creates a road map of everywhere the site goes and who even links back to your site. The resulting image is a cool, interactive web map that is as pretty to look as it it is informative. This project is definitely one to check out! (Note: Be wary of using big name sites like Google or Facebook – there is a lot of data there and can slow your computer or even crash your browser!)

Be sure to check out more of the Web@25 projects – you’ll be blown away by all the cool things you’ll find out about the web and as well as by the amazing art that can be created from some of the most annoying things on the web – ads!