A Universal Typeface & Pen

It’s no secret that I am an office supply hoarder and that my pen collection rivals that of many office supply stores—my favorite time of the year is in late July when the new school supplies start to trickle back into the stores. I may be well past elementary school but there is always that thrill of new supplies that followed me well into my undergraduate degree and is still there as I currently pursue my master’s degrees—I live off of pens, post-it notes, and coffee.


Earlier this year BIC kicked off their Universal Typeface Experiment to celebrate over 100 billion BIC Cristal pens being produced and distributed. Yup, that’s right BILLION, with a B. The Universal Typeface Experiment is taking the handwriting of hundreds of thousands participants and merging them together to create a truly universal typeface with the most universal pen on the planet. Coupled with this experiment is the launch of the newly redesigned Cristal pen complete with a stylus section on the back of the pen. So whether you’re using pen & paper or a tablet & stylus BIC Cristal pens have you covered.

Check out the Universal Typeface Experiment here and add your own handwriting to the project!