Get Inspired with a Toucan and Vibrant Branding

With the recent World Cup in Brazil, you may have learned a few facts about this country. For one, you may remember that the toucan is a common bird in Brazil. So what better animal to best represent a Brazilian environmental group?  Take a look at the branding for the new Brazil Environmental Institute (IBRA), a society that raises awareness of environmental issues to encourage the “preservation and dissemination of Brazilian culture.” And let’s be real: We all want a little bright design inspiration on Friday.

Inteligência Marketing created IBRA’s branding, honing in on the particular elements of the toucan, such as it’s bright colors and prominent beak. The three month project, designed by Manoel Andreis Fernandes, was an in-depth process as they the firm thoroughly researched IBRA and worked on initial sketches.

IBRA_Papelaria_4_pr IBRA_Papelaria_1_pr

Tulio captures the essence of the organization, as Inteligência Marketing explains:

[…] demonstrates all the sympathy of the organization, but because it is an endangered animal, it also represents the mission of the entity and involvement towards nature.





Water bottle with branding

IBRA_Mac_pr IBRA_Iphone_pr

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