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One of the musts for businesses is conveying relevant content and information to the consumer in such a fashion that it keeps the company in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Need to sell something? Ebay is among the first companies you think of – and it’s not just because of their stellar reputation for selling things – it’s because they push digitally relevant content to consumers outside of their core business of selling things. Many big companies are now concerning themselves with keeping “on trend” and finding out what consumers are really following and pushing relevant, pertinent content out to them.

This act of reaching outside of their immediate core business but pulling in relevant, peripheral information has many businesses focusing on different ways of communicating this information that is not in the stereotypical way of old – i.e. email blasts, tweets, and Facebook updates. While these forms of social media are still the best methods of mass communication for business it’s so much more important for companies to create digital content that may spawn on a particular website or social media outlet but can go viral on other platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and influencer blogs in very organic ways. One of the most on trend ways of communicating this information are infographics which allow companies to breakdown seemingly complex and verbose data and information into visual representations with minimal text.

Visual content relays information faster and improves information recall.

Visual content relays information faster and improves information recall.

The problem for most businesses is that beyond the data collection and distilling – breaking down the collected data into small bite-sized chunks in layman’s terms – is that many businesses lack the design skills or time to produce high quality infographics or other accompanying visuals which compel their target market to actually look into the information being presented. This endeavor becomes increasingly more complex when you look at other digital media applications of more traditional versions of infographics such as graphs, diagrams, and charts. Creating visually appealing, dynamic presentation materials is essential to capturing your audience’s attention and really having the message you’re trying to convey stick.

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Visme provides a wide range of digital content solutions ranging from presentations, banner ads, infographics, and more!

Enter Payman Taei and the creative team at Easy WebContent. In 2008 EWC launched their EWC Presenter as a means for creating and communicating digital content for the tech-uninitiated. After a overhaul of the old interface and a more streamlined approach EWC has re-imaged the EWC Presenter as Visme a swiss army knife for digital content creation allowing users to create unique, digital, visual content efficiently. From creating presentations, banners, advertisements, infographics and more, Visme really is a one stop shop for creating gorgeous visual content with limited resources.

“We never sacrifice functionality for simplicity. For us, there’s no difference. Visme doesn’t dumb down anything. It offers the full range of presentation possibilities…you shouldn’t need to be a multi-million dollar company to produce compelling visual content…Our guiding principle is that complex software and esoteric coding should never get in the way of translating thoughts and ideas into visual content.” Says Visme founder Payman Taei. This message is found consistently throughout Visme as each interactive space is clean and streamlined allowing for intuitive media creation of all kinds.

Ready made, entirely editable formats allow you to quickly place graphics, text, and other information in a sensible well designed layout.

Ready made, entirely editable formats allow you to quickly place graphics, text, and other information in a sensible well designed layout.

Visme is definitely a tool to check out no matter if you’re just delving into creating infographic information or you’re already swimming deep in the visual communication ocean. Visme will help you streamline your production process and allows you add your own images and information and help you create visual content that will translate easily between ads, product descriptions, infographics, presentations and more — and best of all it’s free!

ImageHandler.ashxWant to really ramp up your visual communication skills and learn how to make visually appealing infographics? Check out John Meyer’s HOW University Course Infographics How To: Data, Design, Distribute and get on your way to making a name for yourself in this highly sought after design market!

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