Behind the Design: Team USA at the Winter Olympics

Everyone is excited about the 2018 Winter Olympics, which kicks off February 9 in PyongChang, South Korea. But who is behind the design for Team USA, you ask? The United States Olympic Committee has teamed up with Polo Ralph Lauren to unveil the official Team USA uniforms the team will wear at the (hopefully victorious) closing ceremony.

The look unveiled January 22 has been called peak Americana and features the flag in more ways than you can imagine, with vertical words written over the arms of jackets, the legs of pants and even at the heart of a heating pad inside the jackets.

images courtesy of Ralph Lauren

The parka and limited-edition bomber have their own battery-powered heating system, helping keep athletes thawed in below-zero weather for up to 11 hours. “Ralph Lauren is excited by the convergence of fashion and function, and we are committed to supporting Team USA athletes by outfitting them with the latest innovative technology,” said David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s son and chief innovation officer. “The uniform celebrates the American spirit, with iconic pieces updated with modern details and technical fabrications.”

It’s the sixth time Polo Ralph Lauren has teamed up with the USA Olympics and Paralympics and the brand’s design team, led by Ralph Lauren.


To represent the country, the design team focused on the flag’s colors, which keeps things simple, iconic and to the point. Among the line of merchandise, there are wool sweaters, jeans, bandannas and suede mountain boots with red laces.

“Ralph Lauren has effortlessly woven style and functionality into the opening ceremony uniform for the 2018 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams,” says Lisa Baird, USOC chief marketing officer. “The revolutionary design will keep American athletes warm as they proudly walk through PyeongChang Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony.”

The logo used for Team USA, which includes the Olympic rings and the American flag, was first designed in 2012 ahead of the Sochi Games by the in-house design team at the U.S. Olympic Committee.

And of course, all the clothes—and the design—are made in America.

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