5 Tips for Logo Development Success

By David Langton, langtoncreative.com

In our experience the most difficult part of designing a new logo is the approval process. When working with leaders across the country this becomes even more challenging. We start by clarifying the approval process. Who will ultimately have the final say on the logo? Sometimes it’s the CEO, sometimes it’s a task force or the Board of Directors or the Communications team. 

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1. Establish a logo task force.

Your task force will participate in preliminary input, review options along the way and make a final recommendation to leadership.

2. Include the CEO and any key decision-makers on the task force.

Waiting until the last round for CEO input is usually a recipe for disaster. The CEO and key decision-makers have extremely valuable input that should be included in the earliest part of the process, then when they are making final decisions they are invested in the process.

3. Expect naysayers.

When you change names and logos there will be some people who will not like the new name and logo and they are often quite vocal. That’s why it’s important to invest in a strategic process that defines the mission of your organization with clear objectives…then trust the process. 

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4. It’s not a popularity contest.

… or any kind of contest. Avoid lotteries and voting for your favorite logo. It’s about creating a name and logo that supports your organization’s mission and goals. Every decision should be made with the strategy in mind. 

5. Think about your audience.

In most cases, you are not the audience, you’re a member or insider to the organization. Try to see things from the perspective of your audience. What impressions do you want to make with your target audience?

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Logo Development Success

  1. hina adeel

    It is necessary to respect several logo building rules:
    – the future logo must be usable on a wide variety of media,
    – be easily memorable,
    – as timeless as possible to last in time
    – and above all operate in black and white Mainly printing.

  2. Lisha Smith

    Hi David Langton,
    Great thanks for this five tips for logo development success. A well-thought-out and well-designed logo can help your business rise above the crowd. Building a website or printed material around the colours, concepts and sense of your logo can further develop your brand.