Designing the Perfect Product Label: An Infographic Guide


Special Advertising Note: The following sponsored content is brought to you courtesy of FastLabels, one of HOW’s trusted partners. 

Being a designer is far from the easiest job in the world, but for those of you who’ve been tasked with the job of designing a label for a future product, you’ll probably be wondering what you’ve got yourself in for.

The truth is, designing a product label is difficult, as it isn’t just about creating eye-candy; you’ve got to design something that will actually help the company you’re working with to actually sell the product.

At this stage, you’re probably thinking, “I’m the designer, why is that my job!?”, and I see your point. But, the fact of the matter is that a good number of customers choose the product(s) they buy simply from perusing the various brands at their local store, so your label needs to convince the customer to make the purchase right there and then.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to do this, including:

  • Understanding the target market for the product (this means liaising with your client and finding this information out)
  • Knowing the products USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Analysing the competition (looking at the colours/styling they use, etc.)

All of these things need to be done before you even consider loading up Adobe Illustrator, as they’ll have a massive influence on the overall design of your label.

All sound a bit puzzling? Here’s an infographic – created by FastLabels – that shows you exactly how to do the whole thing:

perfect-label_infographic_03 perfect-label_infographic_03-feat