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WANT TO GET YOUR clients’ attention? Sometimes you’ve gotta pack a little heat. That and a healthy dose of delectable design was the key to a winning self promotion project for HAND Design Studio, which created an unusual first aid kit designed for fans of capsaicin and spices.

The Croatia-based design studio presented a twist on a traditional first-aid kit, filling it up with hedonistic handmade content: grissini with squid ink, chili and rosemary, biscuits with lemongrass, roasted almonds with spices, and a harissa mixture of chili and various spices. They also threw in a local chili syrup from the island of Pašman and irresistible cookies made with ginger and chocolate. The first-aid concept, which could have taken a campy turn, was executed with a sexy elegance.Designer Self Promotion

“Classic typography. Simple and modern yet neither sterile or boring,” says judge Charles S. Anderson. “An elegant and timeless solution with lots of attention to detail and craft.” Anderson also noted the thoughtful use of foil stamping contrasted by uncoated black paper as a highlight of the gift.

But naturally, such a fiery gift does come with a disclaimer: “We are not responsible for heart problems caused by sorrow after you eat [all the] content,” says art director, designer and copywriter Vinko Pašalić. “We will break your heart.” Challenge accepted.

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Designer Self Promotion Designer Self Promotion Designer Self Promotion

Designer Self Promotion Designer Self Promotion

Title HOT & SPICY First Aid Kit | Design Firm/Client HAND Design Studio, Zagreb, Croatia; | Creative Team Vinko Pašalić, art director/designer/copywriter; Igor Sitar, photographer