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The comprehensive information source to enable you to ‘spec’ the perfect paper for your project—every time.

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Stop wasting your time chasing paper specs.
You’ll get:

  • Up-to-date information on over 4,300 papers from more than 70 paper mills!
  • Access to fiercely independent information on paper and printing topics
  • Get your hands on the latest mill promotions and swatchbooks
  • Quick tips on timely paper and printing topics
  • Knowledge-building online Webinars on sustainability, paper basics and much more
  • Order sample sheets of thousands of papers
  • How-to articles and Paper Facts

Objective information is what you need.

PaperSpecs does not belong to any mill or merchant, so the information you’ll find is fiercely independent
and as comprehensive as possible—allowing you to benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of
some of the top experts in the paper and printing fields.

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