If You Haven’t Yet Written a Graphic Design Proposal….

200x200-HDU-WinningGDProposal…this might be a good time to prepare.

Loretta May, of Loretta May Design, a first-time CFC attendee in 2013 (who wrote an excellent series of blog posts featuring the highlights of this year’s event), just took my online course, Graphic Design Proposals 101. (BTW the next course starts this Monday, August 12 and you can get 20% off with promo code “IBENUN“)

Here’s why: “I only just discovered How Design University after the How Creative Freelancers Conference and was really excited to see a lesson about writing proposals. While I’ve never been asked to write one, I wanted to know how to in case I ever am.”

You may be in a similar situation: You haven’t really needed to do a formal proposal or RFP before. But you do want bigger projects (with better budgets!) and those usually come through a more formalized proposal process. When that opportunity comes along, you won’t have much time to pull all the details together in a strong document that makes the case for why you’re the best design firm for the project.So why not take the opportunity, during the slowness of August, to get yourself ready? You know what they say…”Luck favors the prepared.”

Here’s what Loretta tweeted to me about the online course — which is a combination of videos, reading, podcasts and a review of your proposal at the end, all done on your own time (no real time classes to attend):

@MMToolbox “I loved it. The videos were super helpful.”

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