Jan 10: Free Marketing Pep Talk (webcast)

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planIf you haven’t yet, don’t forget to sign up for my annual FREE “marketing pep talk” to be held virtually (as a webcast) on Thursday, Jan 10 at 2 PM Eastern.

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Every year I try to evolve my ideas based on what’s working for all the freelancers and other creative professionals I talk to every day.

That’s what I’ve put into the latest Creative Professional’s 2013 Marketing Plan + eCalendar (there are 2 versions this year: To Get Interactive Work and To Get  The Work You Want.)

You’ll hear some of those new ideas in this year’s “pep talk.” But for a sneak preview…

Here’s the big idea

All it takes to get the work you want is one marketing task a day, every day.

But what should that task be?

In this free webcast, you will learn how spending a half hour every day on one simple marketing task will bring you the work you want. You will also get the kick in the butt you need to make the time for it.

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