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Creativity Can Be Learned

Many people still believe that only certain people are creative and that creativity is a special or elite skill that only some possess. But this misconception is now changing. In recent years more evidence that creativity and creative thinking skills can be taught, learned and practiced has appeared.


4 Credibility-Based Logo Design Strategies

A logo is one of the most important aspects of any business, and most designers have spent a fair share of time creating effective logos for clients. In the Logo Design Awards there are no categories, and it doesn’t matter if your logo was created for yourself, for work or just for fun. Show...


Email Newsletters Are Not Dead — Far From It!

There was a discussion recently in our very active “Creative Freelancer Conference” LinkedIn Group about the current thinking on email newsletters as a marketing tool for freelancers. I haven’t weighed in yet but David Carr has a great article in the New York Times (6/30/14), “For Email Newsletters: A Death Greatly Exaggerated,” on the fact that...


Graphic Design Copyright Laws: Inspiration vs. Infringement

Register for An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights for Graphic Designers to learn more about copyright laws, design patents and trademarks. Enter code BORCHARD at checkout for 20% off registration. How much do you know about design copyright laws, trademarks and design patents? If you’re a graphic designer, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies...