Are you in a money fog?

Ilise BenunOne of the experts I quote in my forthcoming book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money, is Mikelann Valterra, Director of the Women’s Earning Institute. Her recent article, Three Reasons We Live with the Money Fog Monster, is worth reading and thinking about. Here’s an excerpt.

Do you know how much you spend eating out? On groceries? How much have you spent on clothes this year? What about your hobbies? What do you spend on gardening, books and other fun things? What have you been spending on your car?

If you have debt, do you know all your debt balances (and what that money was used for?)

Do you know your savings balances and do you know what your net worth is?

Those irritating questions point to the monster. And if you feel its tentacles curling up your leg, constricting your ability to see clearly (or breathe sometimes!) you are not alone.

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