Don’t let “you” get in the way of price negotiations

What gets in your way when you’re talking money? Is it the language you use? Is it hard to maintain objectivity because you are the creative and you are selling your services?

In her article in the ADBASE Insight section, “What Does It Cost? Give the Right Answers to the Right Questions,” Maria Piscopo suggests a way to depersonalize fee negotiations.

To make negotiations less personal and stressful, you need to turn the client away from the use of the pronoun “you charge” to talk about what “it costs.”

You will notice in all of the “scripting” in this article, I am using the magic words “it costs” instead of “you charge,” You can depersonalize even more by talking about average costs, normal costs or industry standard costs. Anything you can do to avoid the client jumping to the incorrect conclusion that this money is going into your coat pocket. It is not appropriate (and the client really does not care) to discuss profit and loss, sales and overhead. Depersonalize the discussion and it will increase your objectivity and professionalism.

Find out the right questions and answers to be using in your price negotiations. Read the rest of the article here, in the ADBASE Insight section.